Dragon Quest XI S Script: Act 1 NPC Text

1.01 Cobblestone
1.02 Heliodor
1.03 Downtown Heliodor
1.04 Manglegrove
1.05 Cobblestone (Flashback)
1.06 Hotto
1.07 Gallopolis
1.08 Gondolia
1.09 Zwaardsrust
1.10 Octagonia
1.11 Dundrasil
1.12 Puerto Valor
1.13 L'Académie de Notre Maître des Médailles
1.14 Phnom Nonh
1.15 The Strand
1.16 Lonalulu
1.17 Nautica
1.18 Viking Hideout
1.19 Sniflheim
1.20 Arboria

1.01 Cobblestone


<pc>, seeing you and my dear Gemma all set for your big day makes me proud as anything—both as a mayor and as a grandfather.



You're not kids any more, you know—no, you're grown-up now, and that means going to the Tor and offering your thanks.



Now, it's time you were on your way. Head up to the top, give praise to the Spirit of the Land, then come back down and tell us how you like the view!



Oh, and if you're ever unsure what to do next, try pressing  and selecting Party Talk. Gemma might have some useful tips for you!


Just look at you, <pc>! My little boy, all grown-up!



Now, be sure to look after Gemma, you hear? To think, you've been inseparable since you were tiny, and here you are, about to climb the Tor together!



Oh, and if ever you lose your way, just follow Sandy. That dog's got more sense than any of us!



Off you go now, dear! I know the two of you will be just fine! And I'll make sure there's a delicious supper waiting for you when you get back!


<pc>, seeing you and my dear Gemma all set for your big day makes me proud as anything—both as a mayor and as a grandfather.



You're not kids any more, you know—no, you're grown-up now, and that means going to the Tor and offering your thanks.



Now, it's time you were on your way. Head up to the top, give praise to the Spirit of the Land, then come back down and tell us how you like the view!



Oh, and if you're ever unsure what to do next, try pressing  and selecting Party Talk. Gemma might have some useful tips for you!


Just look at you, <pc>! My little boy, all grown-up!



Now, be sure to look after Gemma, you hear? To think, you've been inseparable since you were tiny, and here you are, about to climb the Tor together!



Oh, and if ever you lose your way, just follow Sandy. That dog's got more sense than any of us!



Off you go now, dear! I know the two of you will be just fine! And I'll make sure there's a delicious supper waiting for you when you get back!


*: To think you and Gemma are all grown-up already! I can remember you two littluns haring round the place causing trouble like it was yesterday! Ahh, time flies, it really does!



*: Oh, dearie me! Where can that boy have got to this time?



*: I just hope he hasn't decided to go up the Tor on his own. No, he wouldn't be that stupid, surely? Ahh, he'll be the death of me, that one!


*: Hold on there, young <pc>! Where do you think you're off to? You haven't been up the Tor yet, have you?



*: It's back the other way, as you well know! I don't want to see you again till you've climbed it!



*: The symbols on the side of the Tor represent the Spirit of the Land, you know. The Spirit has always watched over the people of Cobblestone.



*: The coming-of-age ceremony is one of the ways we show our gratitude for its protection.



*: You know, I'm not sure I've ever seen the two of you apart! And to think you're all grown-up already! Are those wedding bells I hear? Hee hee!



Grandma! Honestly!



*: Oh, let an old woman have her fun, will you? Now, <pc>—you look after my lovely grandaughter, you hear!



*: The path gets pretty steep up on the Tor, so be sure to watch your footing!



*: But don't let that make you stick to the beaten track—little detours are where you find all the fun stuff!



*: So, it's time for you to head up the Tor, I hear! Mind you don't slip—it's a long way down!



Oh, don't worry! <pc> would never let me fall!


*: Ahh, what would you do without him, eh? Well <pc>, you heard the lady—make sure she comes to no harm!


*: The path ahead will at times be a steep one, but fear not, my children, for the Spirit of the Land shall watch over you.



*: May your climb teach you how truly blessed we are to live among such beautiful surroundings. We will pray for your safe return.


*: We've all been through it, you know. We've all climbed to the top of the Tor. I remember it like it was yesterday...



*: But I can't tell you what I found up there. No, that's something you'll just have to find out for yourselves.



*: Good luck, <pc>!


*: I wish I was a grown-up like you! I can't wait to climb the Tor!


*: You know the Mayor and your mother are waiting to see you off at the top of the steps, don't you? Don't keep them waiting, dear!



*: Oh, and remember—if you're ever in need of some advice or you're stuck for what to do, have a chat with folks with pretty pink speech bubbles above their heads like me.



*: Just press  and look at the map—you can't miss us!



*: While you're looking at the map, use  to change the direction you're facing. It's a handy little trick, trust me!



*: Cor! Just look at that view! It's beautiful, isn't it?



*: Whenever you find somewhere with lovely scenery like this, you should take the time to stop and bask in the wonder of nature—it always does me the power of good!



M-More monsters! But I don't think they've spotted you yet. You should sneak up and try and surprise them!


Hold on <pc>, we can't call it a day yet! We've got to get up to the top and do the ceremony thing!


<pc> and Gemma make their way back to the bottom of the Tor.


Where are you going now? The ceremony's over! Everyone'll be waiting for us!


*: My Cole told me everything! He told me how you fought off those horrible foggy monsters! I don't know how to thank you!



*: And you and Gemma aren't hurt either! Oh, that's such a relief!


I'm sorry, Gemma. I thought it would be funny to jump out and surprise you. I, I'm an idiot... I'll never do it again, I promise!


*: Well, the main thing is that everyone's alright. You can never be too careful with monsters around. We owe you one, <pc>—and Gemma and Sandy too!


Woof! Woof woof!



Thanks for bringing Cole back safely, Sandy! Good girl! I knew you could do it!


*: That lightning was terrifying! Were you lot alright up there? I'm ever so sorry you poor things had to go through such an awful ordeal!



*: So, you did it—you've been to the top of the Tor! Well, you'd better let the Mayor know!



*: Everyone'll be desperate to hear how you got on up there! Don't keep them waiting, will you?


*: When the lightning struck the Tor, I must confess that I feared for your safety. But it seems that you escaped unharmed.



*: Truly, we must give thanks to the Spirit of the Land, who watches over us all!


*: Yay! You're back, you're back! Your mum said to tell you she's gone home to make your tea.


*: That lightning was so scary! The sky flashed and there was this big bang! BOOOM!


*: Oi, where d'you fink you're goin'? Yer mum's waitin' for ya! I'd 'ead 'ome sharpish if I were you!



*: You don't want to go wandering around out there—you'll end up as a monster's dinner! You want to be heading home.



Woof! Woof!


A curious power emanates from the root wrapped around the tree...


*: Alright? A little bird told me you an' yer mate Gemma went to the top o' the Tor an' back. You ain't a little boy no more, <pc>—yer a man!



*: So 'ere's some advice, from one bloke to anuvver—whatever yer doin', enjoy it. No one knows 'ow long they've got, so make the most of it.


*: Cobblestone's well tucked away here in the valley. There aren't that many people who even know this place exists, you know.



*: And that's why it's so lovely and safe. The monsters don't tend to bother us, and we get to live in peace and quiet. Lovely!


*: You did well, both of you! You're not children any more—you're grown-ups! Welcome to the club!


*: Well, well—if it isn't Cobblestone's newest grown-ups! Were you looking for the Mayor? He's at home at the moment.



*: Listen, I probably shouldn't be saying this, but he's been worried sick about you, Gemma. Well, it's only natural, I suppose—he is your grandad, after all.


*: Look at my lovely horse! He's the loveliest horse in the whole village!



*: Hello there, young <pc>! Do you know what's good? Prayer, that's what! You should get down to the church every chance you get!



*: Every time I pray, I feel all my troubles slipping away. It'll make a new man of you, take my word for it!


*: I'm afraid my horses don't have a lot of get-up-and-go at the minute. They're too busy enjoying this delicious grass! Mm-mm!



*: Nice work, Mister Grown-Up! Now, yer dear old mum'll be waitin' for ya, I reckon. 'Urry 'ome an' tell her all about yer adventures!



*: Come on in, <pc>! The water's lovely!



Woof! Woof!


It's chewing contentedly on a great big mouthful of grass.


*: Yaaay! I love playing in the water!



*: Tee hee! We were just talking about you and Gemma! ...What's that? What were we saying? Oh, nothing! Tee hee hee!



*: Ooh, if it isn't young <pc>! Make sure you're nice to Gemma, you hear? She's a keeper, that one!



Not this again!


*: Ooh, just look at your face! You've gone all red! Ohh, to be young again!



*: I'd love to visit Heliodor one day. They say there's always something going on there.



*: Apparently, it's always bustling with people, and the shops are full of all kinds of lovely things. Not like boring old Cobblestone!


*: So the ceremony's all done? Congratulations! Now, don't tell me you've forgotten where you live in all the excitement?



*: Just follow the paving stones—you'll soon find your way back. Ooh, but you must be tired to be forgetting that! You should head home and put your feet up!


*: It's amazing when you think about it, isn't it? That Yggdrasil, the World Tree, has watched over Erdrea since the dawn of time.



*: They say that the tree here has been around for as long as Yggdrasil. I don't know if that's true, but there's something special about it, right enough.



*: Hey, <pc>! You don't want to be wandering around outside the village after the day you've had! You need to be getting home!



*: I'll always remember you when you were little, going fishing with old Chalky.



*: You'd sit there for hours on that funny three-sided rock out by the Falls, just the two of you...



*: He would have been so proud to see how big and strong you've grown. Seems like only yesterday you were knee-high to a grasshopper!


*: Alright, <pc>? What are you and Gemma up to, eh?



We just got back from climbing the Tor!


*: Ah, so that's where you've been, is it? Well, it's nice that you got to go up there together, eh?



*: If you want to get somewhere in a hurry, what you need is a horse. They're faster than people by a long old shot!



*: But you know that already, being a better rider than most, eh? Nice, manly pursuit, riding. Very grown-up.


*: Greetings, my child. It is good to see the younger members of my flock taking the time to pray. Now, shall we begin?


*: It's all thanks to the Spirit of the Land, you know—you coming back from the Tor safe and sound, the village being so peaceful for so long...



*: I think this would be the perfect time for you to offer up a prayer of thanks, don't you?


Now that you've climbed the Tor, I'm pleased to say that you and Gemma are fully fledged Cobblestonians!



Now all you need to do is settle down together and live happily ever after!



Grandad! Honestly!


*: You're my hero, <pc>! You saved my little boy! I'm so glad you and Gemma got back safely!


Thanks for clobbering those stupid monsters! When I grow up, I'm going to be big and tough, just like you!


*: Ahh, I remember climbing the Tor all those years ago! Back then, I was young, single and free... Great days, great days!


*: Monsters appearing on our sacred tor, of all places...



*: And they say there are more of the blighters running around outside the village than ever before. I don't like this one little bit.


Having trouble sleeping, are we? Well, it's no surprise after all the excitement today. And your big news.



Whenever I have trouble nodding off, I like to go for a little walk. The night air always does me a power of good.



The door is locked.


*: Oi, where d'you fink you're goin'? It's too late for fishin', sunshine! Save it till the mornin'!



*: A little walk to clear your head's all well and good <pc>, but not outside the village. You wouldn't want to bump into any monsters.



*: I saw your mate Gemma over by the old tree. She was lookin' a bit sorry for 'erself. Maybe you should go an' 'ave a word, eh?



*: Out for a little evening stroll, are we? Well, make sure you don't stray outside the village—there be monsters!



*: Oi! Where do ya fink yer goin', <pc>? Everyone's waitin' for ya up at the north entrance!



I heard you're going all the way to Heliodor! Can I come with you? Please? Pleeease?



...Fine. I suppose I am a bit young still. Well, be careful—it's a long journey. My dad says you have to head north and just keep going!



And he says it's full of all kinds of people—way more than you see in Cobblestone. Ahh, I can't wait to grow up and see it for myself!


*: Poor Gemma! She just can't stop crying! But she said she'd put on a brave face to say goodbye to you—whoops! I wasn't meant to tell you that!



*: I can't believe you're leaving us so soon. Well, make sure you stock up on items and weapons for the journey.



*: Oh, and remember—there's no point just carrying equipment around with you. Make sure you equip it!


*: Before you head off, you really should have a quick pray. With all those monsters out there, you'll be wanting some protection from a higher power.



*: And if you make a quick record of your adventure, you'll be miraculously whisked back to the church where you made it if you happen to come a cropper!


*: So yer leavin' us for a bit, eh? Well, they're all up at the north entrance waitin' to wave you off. Better get up there. We'll miss ya, sunshine!



*: Sorry, <pc>. The old fellers here are busy eating their beloved grass. I don't think they'll be moving any time soon.



*: Ooh, just look at you! You look just like Chalky did at your age!



*: I'll never forget the day he set off to explore the world... And now here you are, following in his footsteps!


*: I heard all about it from your mother—she said there's an important journey you have to make. And you just a youngster!



*: Well, before you head off, make sure you visit the shop. You know where it is, of course—down this slope and across the river.



*: Once you've stocked up, head up to the village entrance to the north. We'll all be waiting to see you off!


Woof woof!


What's the matter, girl? Is someone there?



I, I'm sorry. I don't want to speak to anyone right now. Could you come back in a bit?


*: Ever since she heard you were leaving, Gemma's been cooped up indoors. I wonder what she's doing in there...


*: I don't know much about fighting, but I've heard that the best way to get big and strong is to wallop lots of monsters and build up your experience.



*: But if you realise you've picked a fight with a monster that's tougher than you, there's no shame in running away!



*: Be sure to do some shopping before you go. I'd recommend stocking up on medicinal herbs.



*: If you get hurt from too much fighting, you can use them to heal yourself. Wouldn't go anywhere without at least a couple if I were you.


*: 'Ere's some advice, from one bloke to anuvver—keep yer mind on the job! No matter 'ow fierce the fightin' gets, ya gotta stay focused!



*: The more ya get walloped, the more focused you'll get. An' before ya know it, you'll be all pepped up! Then you'll really be full o' beans!



*: When yer pepped up, you'll be stronger, faster, better at everyfing—there ain't another feelin' like it! Go on, my son—get out there an' pep yerself silly!


*: So you're leaving good old Cobblestone, are you? Well, make sure you've got all the essentials before you set off.


*: So you're leaving good old Cobblestone, are you? Well, make sure you've got all the essentials before you set off.



*: If you'd like to do some shopping, head round to the other side of the counter.



*: So you are setting out into the world, my child. Perhaps a little prayer before you depart?


*: Just because you're setting out on a journey, that doesn't mean you can't pop home for a visit whenever you like.



*: If you ever get hurt or you're in need of a rest, there's no place like home, that's what I always say. I'm sure your comfy old bed will always be waiting for you!


So, this is it. My little soldier's really leaving...



You might not be back for a while. Hope you've said all your goodbyes. So...ready?<yesno 2>



Well, hurry up, will you? We don't want to be standing round here all day.



Well...off you go then...


*: Oh-ho! Hold on a second!


*: I wouldn't go through here if I were you. The monsters up that way'll make mincemeat of you!



*: If it's Heliodor you're trying to get to, you need to head north, anyway.



*: W-Wait!



*: You don't want to be going anywhere near the Manglegrove! The monsters in there will have your guts for garters! No, if you're headed for Heliodor, you need to go straight there.



*: Hang about—you shouldn't go any further. The monsters up there are a proper nasty bunch.



*: You'll be wanting to go north if you're heading for Heliodor. Mind how you go now!



*: Ah, <pc>! There you are! The Mayor asked me to teach you a thing or two about horses—and maps, too, for that matter!



*: Now, you see this bell here? Well, if you give it a ring, a fine steed will gallop up out of nowhere, just like that! Good to remember if your feet are getting sore!



*: And what if you're lost as well as tired? Easy! Just press  to take a look at your map. What's more, pressing  once you've got your map open will allow you to access all sorts of useful information!



*: I'm sure all this is written in the list of Traveller's Tips in your pack there, but you can't go over these things too often.


*: I'm here to stop anyone from wandering too close to the Emerald Coast. There's some nasty monsters up there, you see.



*: If it's Heliodor you're heading for, you need to go north, anyway.



*: Ah! Setting off on your big adventure, are you, <pc>?



*: You'll be wanting to go north if you're heading for Heliodor. Mind how you go now!



*: I've been sent from Heliodor Castle to make sure no one passes this way.



*: The monsters up on the Emerald Coast are nasty pieces of work. I'm not to let anyone go anywhere near them.



*: Oh-ho! I suppose you're here for another little lecture on the joys of camping, are you?<yesno>


*: ...Oh. Umm, well if you do ever fancy a recap, you know where to find me.


*: It would be my pleasure! Listen up, and I'll take you through the basics again!



*: To set up camp for the night, just go up to the fire and examine it. You'll soon be enjoying a well-earned break.



*: The statues you'll find at campsites are chock-full of holy powers. You can pray to them to be cured of poison and all kinds of other things. Think of them as mini churches!



*: You'll need to get used to what campsites look like and how to find them. After all, you'll be relying on them whenever you're out in the wilderness.



*: It's like my dad always said: keen campers can continue on where others can't! Be prepared!


*: Have you come far? Well, you're safe now—Heliodor awaits!



*: Once you're in the city, you can find a nice inn and rest up. Lucky old you!


*: Welcome to Heliodor!



*: This is the largest city in all of Erdrea, you know. You should head downtown for a look at the...livelier side of life here if you get the chance!



*: Welcome to Cobblest— Hold on! It's <pc>! You're back!



*: Shouldn't you be heading to Heliodor? Just leave the village and then keep going north. You can't miss it!


I don't know what this big journey of yours is all about, but wherever you end up, make sure you don't forget us back here in Cobblestone.



Come back as soon as you can, you hear? I'll be waiting...


You've still got the charm I gave you! I'm so happy!



When I heard you were leaving, I stayed up all night making it. I put my heart and soul into that thing.



Be sure to take it with you wherever you go, won't you? And make sure you come home—I'll be waiting...



Ah-phew! Ah-phew! <pc>... Stay safe... Promise me...


Woof woof!


*: Oh, so you came back! Well, if you're heading off again, be sure to visit the church before you go.


Yay! It's <pc>! But why did you come back so soon?



Wait, I know! You wanted to see Gemma again, didn't you? She's been looking really sad ever since you left...



Zzz... Zzz...


*: Doesn't my lovely horse ride like a dream! Best in the village, that one! Look after him, won't you?



*: Ooh, you're a fine young man! You don't let anything faze you, do you? I know you're going to be just fine!


*: We all miss you, of course, but we know this is something you have to do. Make us proud, won't you?



*: To think that Chalky knew you were the reincarnation of the Luminary and he kept it a secret all those years!



*: And now you climb the Tor and you're off to fulfil your destiny, all in a matter of days! Come home for a rest if it all gets too much, won't you?



*: Ah-phew... Ah-phew...


*: Word to the wise—don't go pickin' fights wiv monsters that're tougher than you. I got into a few scrapes in me younger days, an' I've still got the scars to show for it.


*: Be sure to look after yourself, won't you? Poor Gemma would be devastated if anything were to happen to you.


*: Ahh, the water's so lovely and cool! Yay for water!



*: Ah-phoo... Ah-phoo...


*: I love playing in the water!



*: Zzz... Zzz...


*: Oh, if it isn't <pc>! Are you heading up to the Tor? Well, watch out for monsters!



*: The Mayor's got some nerve, expecting a reward from the King! Honestly! What is he like?



*: I suppose he's got a point, though. We did bring up the Luminary, after all!


*: Not in town for long, I take it? Well, you be careful out there. And don't be a stranger!



*: In this world, you have to rely on yourself. And you have to be prepared for anything.



*: Make sure you're never caught without medicinal herbs, you hear? They can be the difference between life and death in a pinch.


Awww, if it isn't my little soldier! But what are you doing back so soon? You've only just left!




Not that I'm complaining, of course. You're always welcome to come home and rest up! Go on, then—off to bed with you!


Morning, love! You'd best be on your way before I get all weepy again!



What is it, <pc>? Getting cold feet about your big adventure or something?<yesno>


That's my boy! Never forget that you're the pride of the village—so go and do your grandfather proud!


Well, I can understand that. I mean, I don't want you to go either. But you have to. It's your destiny.



Now, off you go, my little soldier! You go and put Cobblestone on the map!


They say that the original Luminary banished the darkness that threatened the world. He was a true hero.



I'm still having trouble believing that you're really him reincarnated, but if old Chalky said so, he must have been sure.



Well, whatever lies ahead of you, I've got a funny feeling it's going to be something extraordinary.


*: Oh, you're back. Well, I hope you've visited your mother.



*: Ah-phew... Ah-phew...


*: I'll warrant there are a fair few monsters lying in wait on the road to Heliodor. If I were you, I'd stock up with all the supplies you can carry.


*: Sorry, could I ask you to head round to the other side of the counter if you want to buy something?



*: If you're headed somewhere in a hurry, a horse is always your best bet. No matter how you look at it, humans have got nothing on horses!



*: But I don't need to tell you that—you're one of the best riders in the village!



*: Ah-heurgh...! Ah-heurgh...!


*: My child, do you mean to leave us once again? Perhaps a prayer before you go?


*: So you're back? Well, I do hope you've paid a visit to your mother.



*: Ah-phew! Ah-phew!


*: Leaving behind those you love and travelling the world is tough. I know—I did it myself a long time ago.


*: Ah, so you decided to pop back, did you? Well, good for you. You don't want to go pushing yourself too hard.



*: Zzz... (snort) Zzz...


*: S'pose you'll be 'ittin' the road again soon, eh? Well, more power to ya!



*: I remember when you were a little boy, you know. You were always going off fishing with your grandfather. You two were inseparable!



*: Well, now you're ready to stand on your own two feet at last. Chalky would be proud of you, I know he would.



1.02 Heliodor


*: Sorry, but this area's off limits. Now, if you wouldn't mind clearing off...



*: Eh!? How did you get in here? This area's off limits! Clear off, will you?



*: If you have business with the King, I'm afraid you've left it a little late. You'll have to come back in the morning.


It seems it's too late to visit the castle tonight. Wait until morning?<yesno>


*: Welcome to Heliodor, greatest city in all Erdrea. Please, make yourself at home.



*: Oh, and if you're wondering about that white speech bubble above my friend's head... Well, that just means he's got nothing else to say right now. People get like that sometimes, you know.


*: So where are you from, then? ...What's that? Cobblestone, you say? Where's that, then? Down south? Never heard of it!



*: With all those mountains and valleys down south, it's hard to know what's what. I've never heard of Cobblestone, but I'm sure it's lovely.



*: I haven't seen you round here before. ...Hm? You're here to see the King, you say?



*: Well, you won't find him round here! You'd better head to the castle. Go straight up this road, climb the steps, keep going and Bob's your uncle!



*: Just remember that they shut the gates as soon as the sun goes down—the King needs his sleep, you know. You're best off heading there bright and early if you want an audience.



*: The two top knights up at the castle are Sir Jasper and Sir Hendrik. But if you ask me, Sir Jasper's the best by a long way. Yes, he's the one for me!



*: Sure, he's not going to win any awards for friendliness, but who cares—he's a real looker! And he's such a strategic genius, the King even asks his advice sometimes!



*: This travelling salesman told me he's never seen so many monsters. Roaming all over the place, they are. What is the world coming to?



*: By the way, if you see a white speech bubble like the one above the fellow in front of me's head, it just means that person doesn't have anything else to say right now.



*: I've been hearing from travelling merchants that there are more and more monsters out there these days. What a terrible time to be alive...



*: Heliodor's a big place. If it's your first time here, you can expect to get lost.



*: But if you're not sure where you are, you can always press  and check the map.



*: Downtown Heliodor's a hive of waifs, strays, drifters, cutpurses and ne'er-do-wells. Mind you stay well clear!


*: You can't go through here—it's far too rough for law-abiding folks. I'd strongly advise you to head elsewhere.



*: Everyone knows their place in Heliodor—the riff-raff and rabble live in the slums, while the well heeled live uptown. The nicest area is up the stairs. That's where you'll find the castle.


*: When the monsters attacked Dundrasil, it was Sir Hendrik and his men who fought them back. He's the mightiest warrior in the whole kingdom.



*: They say the King was surrounded by the enemy, but Sir Hendrik came to his rescue. He's been known as the Hero of Heliodor ever since.



*: You see that big swanky house over there? Well, it belongs to some rich and slightly...vulgar stranger. He just turned up one day, bought the land and had it built, the showy blighter!



*: Goodness knows where he got the money, but that rich fellow just turned up, bought a prime plot of land and had a huge house built, the great big show-off!


*: Heliodor is a fine place to live. It's safe, it's clean and everyone's happy. We owe it all to the King. Three cheers for King