Dragon Quest XI S Script: Act 3 NPC Text

3.01 - Temple of Lost Time
3.02 - Arboria
3.03 - Heliodor
3.04 - Havens Above
3.05 - Cobblestone
3.06 - Hotto
3.07 - Gallopolis
3.08 - Gondolia
3.09 - Octagonia
3.10 - Puerto Valor
3.11 - Lonalulu
3.12 - L'Académie de Notre Maître des Médailles
3.13 - Phnom Nonh
3.14 - Sniflheim
3.15 - Arboria (2)
3.16 - Angri-La
3.17 - Nautica
3.18 - Trials
3.19 - Cobblestone (End)

3.01 - Temple of Lost Time


The door is tightly shut. It doesn't appear to have a keyhole, but there is a curiously shaped indentation in its centre...


Hold on, [pc]! Are we really leaving?


I really think we should take a look around. Who knows—we might find something interesting...


Is this meant to be art? It just looks like some weird old guy with a funny face to me...


Isn't it just amazing, honey? The way it defies artistic convention to make such a bold statement!


All the stuff around here is so unique! Whoever made it all was a genius! Such an eye for shape and form...


Let's take a closer look at all this stuff. Who knows what we might find...


I was just having a wee nose around when I found a dusty auld tome that caught my attention.


Remember what we saw back in the Temple of Dawn? When you channelled the power of the seedlings and we saw all those scenes from Erdwin's life?


Well, it looks to me like this book is about those same events. But what would something like that be doing lying round in an auld ruin like this?


Her Highness is correct. This looks like the place where we met the Watcher.


But I have never heard of ruins like these in this area...


It's a very ancient-looking mural. It depicts some small, white beings offering up what look like balls of light.


There's a strangely shaped indentation in the centre.


[pc], don't you think we should take a look at the old tower north of Yggdrasil that Erik told us about?


We could use the Calamus flute to call Cetacea, and then fly right to it.


The door is tightly shut. It doesn't appear to have a keyhole, but there's a curiously shaped indentation in its centre.


Try inserting the Wheel of Time into the indentation? [yes/no]


Have you thought this through, [pc]?


You heard the Timekeeper—if you go back there, that's it. No way home. And there's no guarantee you'll even make it to where you want to go.


Are you sure you want to do this? [yes/no]


I'm sorry, [pc], but you simply can't do this! We won't let you!


When I cut my hair and Veronica gave me her powers, I vowed that I would use them to carry on our sacred mission and protect you.


If I were to let anything happen to you, she would never forgive me. So I have no choice but to stop you from doing this.


Darling, don't you feel you've done enough? I mean, you defeated the Lord of Shadows, didn't you?


I don't want to lose anybody else–I don't think I could bear it!


I let you go once. And I promised I'd never do it again.


Please, don't do this... I... I don't want to lose you...


Fate seems to have a habit of snatching away those I care about most...but not this time.


Save a tired auld man more heartache than he can bear, will ye? If I lose you too, I'll... I don't know what I'll do...


I cannot permit you to do this.


...Curse it all! Why can I not go!? Why can I not put a stop to Mordegon!? Must I really remain here, idle, while you risk all for the sake of our fallen companion!?


If you climb these steps, there's no going back. Are you sure you want to return to the past? [yes/no]


But do NOT mess this up! Go back there and save her, you hear? Save us all!


...I understand why you want to do this. How could I not? And I can see that your mind is made up.


So I suppose I must let you go, much as it pains me. Good luck, [pc]... We shall miss you...


Trust Erik to upstage me like that! Honestly! But he's right—it's clear we won't be able to talk you out of this. And I've realised something...


I want everybody in the world to be happy, right? So why should all those poor darlings in the past miss out, huh? That just wouldn't be fair.


So you go back there, and you make them smile, you hear? Every single one of them! I know you can do it, honey!


All I ever wanted was to protect you, [pc]. Maybe that's why it's hard for me to imagine you fighting this battle alone...


But I know you can do it. I believe in you—we all do. Now go and save the world!


Ho ho! Don't look so down in the mouth, laddie!


You're a big boy now, so chin up! Believe in yourself, and there's nothing you can't do!


I only wish I could fell Mordegon with my own hand. It pains me to leave this to you, [pc].


But I know that you have the strength to save this world. You are the Luminary, and I believe in you.

The Timekeeper

Join me by the Sphere when you are ready...


3.02 - Arboria


It would probably be better to stay and see what's going on in Arboria.


*: This path leads to the top of the mountain. It is a sacred place, where none may set foot without the Holy Father's permission. Forgive me, but I must ask that you turn back.


*: Ah, Luminary. What brings you all the way out here? Your companions are all gathered in the cathedral.


*: I am sure that Father Benedictus will be concerned to see that you are not with them. Return to him, I prithee.


*: Luminary, you seem somewhat perturbed. Does aught ail you?


*: ...Hm? You wish to know what day it is today? What an odd question.


*: Why, today is the day that you and your companions will offer the sacred Orbs to the altar in the First Forest and journey to Yggdrasil, of course! Everyone is waiting for you in the cathedral!


*: We are blessed with soil of a most wondrous richness, from which spring forth some of Erdrea's most fragrant herbs and delicious vegetables.


*: Is there something on your mind, Luminary? You look as if you have just awoken from a long and troubled dream...


*: I hear you will be journeying to Yggdrasil today. Father Benedictus and your companions await you in the cathedral.


*: The sigil on your hand is known in the legends as the Mark of Light. It is said to symbolise the bond between the Luminary and the World Tree.


*: If you were to visit Her holy Heart and offer up the Mark, I do not doubt that mighty Yggdrasil would make Her will known to you.


*: I had thought you would have gone to the cathedral with your friends. Wherefore do you wander the village alone?


*: Your absence must be a source of some concern. Return to them without delay, I prithee!


*: My, what an unusual sword you carry. It seems far too foreboding a weapon for the blessed Luminary.


*: That said, you seem a little different yourself, [pc]... Stronger, somehow...


*: My wife and I have been happily married for many years, but try as we might, the heavens did not bless us with a child. I had almost made my peace with the thought that I would never be a father.


*: But now, at long last, my beloved has borne me a beautiful baby boy! Ahh, I have never known such happiness!


*: 'Tis strange... When I gaze upon the smiling face of my newborn son, I feel sharp pangs of sorrow...


*: As if I have known his loss... As if he was taken from me...once, long ago... But I must banish such evil thoughts from my mind!


Ah, [pc]. Are you looking for Veronica and Serena? They were looking for you. You must have just missed one another.


My little angels told me that you vanished right in front of their eyes just as Father Benedictus was addressing you all in the cathedral. But this cannot possibly be true—a trick of the light, perhaps...


Luminary, the responsibilities of your role no doubt weigh heavily upon your shoulders. I trust that my daughters will do all they can to lighten that burden.


*: My sister has quite the aptitude for spellcasting, but little interest in honing her talent. How I wish she would take a leaf out of your book.


*: After all, if the worst were to happen and she were forced to fight, knowing the right spell might mean the difference between life and death!


*: Frizz... Bang... Crack... And the one I learned the other day...


*: Waaah! I did not see you there, Luminary! Please, don't look—it shames me for a mighty warrior like you to see me studying such simple spells!


*: But if my sister isn't interested in becoming a mage, then I must do so in her stead. If the worst should happen, one of us has to know how to protect the other!


*: Good day, Luminary. I see that you found your friends again. You would do well to stick closely by such stalwart companions.


*: Luminary, I believe your companions are looking for— Ah, but I see that they have already found you! In that case, all is well!


*: Ah, [pc]. I heard that you had abandoned your companions without notice or reason. How good to see you all together again.


*: Remember—a great burden rests upon your young shoulders. 'Tis too heavy to bear alone. You must rely on your friends to lighten the load.


*: The sigil on your hand is known in the legends as the Mark of Light. It is said to symbolise the bond between the Luminary and the World Tree.


*: If you were to visit Her holy Heart and offer up the Mark, I do not doubt that mighty Yggdrasil would make Her will known to you.


Ah, Luminary! I see you have found my little angels. Do not lose them again, I prithee!


Luminary—pray tell, did something happen to you in the short time you were away? You seem much more...serious...than you did before...


I suspect you have come to realise the gravity of the task ahead of you. The trail beyond these doors leads to the First Forest. The altar you seek is at the very highest point of that hallowed wood. Good luck, my child.


Offer up the Orbs and summon the path to Yggdrasil?  [yes/no]


Mordegon's somewhere out there, and that sword's the only thing that'll cut him down. And since cutting him down's your destiny, you'd better grab it, no?


When Jasper fired that first spell at us, I thought we were done for—and we would've been if it wasn't for you.


Not to mention that crazy sword of yours. Where did you get that thing, anyway? Heh. Wherever it was, you won't be taking it back any time soon—it shattered into a zillion pieces!


Wow, that Jasper really had it in for us, didn't he? It's a miracle we made it out of that battle alive!


It's a good job you spotted him when you did. If you hadn't blocked that spell he slung at you, goodness knows what would have happened.


The servant of darkness is defeated—now all we have to do is defeat the master! It seems our adventure is fast approaching its grand finale!


We just need to find out where Mordegon is hiding. If only Jasper were still alive, perhaps he might have been able to tell us...


Ooh, that Jasper guy was just the worst! But why climb all the way up here to try and finish us off? Why didn't he attack us down on the ground?


There was so much I wanted to ask him, but then Old King C decided to make himself judge, jury and executioner. (sigh) Now I'll never know...


I've been looking forward to seeing my father again for so long...but it doesn't feel like I thought it would. I just can't seem to relax around him...


I'm sorry [pc], but I don't think I'm quite ready for a happy reunion just yet. After all those years apart, there's a big gap to close...


So, it was Jasper who was Mordegon's man on the inside all along, eh? I don't think there's any doubt of it after what we just saw.


We may not know where Mordegon's hiding himself, but when we do, the Sword of Light'll help us finish the job. Go on, laddie—head on over to the Heart and claim yer birthright!


Jasper... Why would a sworn knight of Heliodor sell his soul to the darkness? What could have possibly been worth such a price...?

King of Heliodor

Mordegon remains at large. He is the cause of all this chaos.

King of Heliodor

Go, Luminary, and claim the Sword of Light. Only this great weapon can end the Lord of Shadows' reign.

King of Heliodor

...What is it, boy? Why do you stare at me so?

King of Heliodor

Do you still harbour a grudge for my having thrown you in the dungeon? For that, I can only apologise.

King of Heliodor

But as I am sure you now see, it was Jasper who tricked me into doing so. If you must direct your ire at someone, direct it at him. Now, let us waste no more time. Enter the Heart, and claim the Sword of Light.


Blessed Luminary, you have claimed your birthright, and with it the power to banish the darkness.


Now, at long last, you are ready to fulfil your destiny. I wish you the best of luck in the final battle.


The Heart of Yggdrasil shines with a holy light.


3.03 - Heliodor


‘His Majesty King Carnelian and the noble Sir Hendrik have returned safely from their latest expedition. We give thanks for their safe return.’


*: Greetings, honoured Luminary. I hope you can find it in your heart to forgive us for persecuting you so.


*: But fear not, we know the whole truth now—King Carnelian has explained all. You must make your way to the castle. I am sure His Majesty will be eager to see you.


*: Make your way to the castle, if you would. His Majesty awaits your coming.


*: Why are all the soldiers going up to the castle? Is something going on? It's not the King's birthday already, is it?


*: Is something going on up at the castle? It's not the King's birthday already, is it?


*: There are lots of soldiers about today. Is there something going on we haven't been invited to?


*: It seems the King is hosting someone rather important up at the castle. I wonder who it could be...


*: If you're interested, you should head up there yourself. Go straight up this road, climb the steps, keep going and Bob's your uncle! But remember—they don't let anyone in at night!


*: It's been a fair old while, but Sir Jasper still hasn't returned. I do hope nothing's happened to him.


*: The King and Sir Hendrik arrived back at the castle ages ago. Where could he have got to?


*: Something strange is going on, I just know it is. There are soldiers all over the place. Is there something we haven't been told about?


*: What is going on? The place is crawling with guards and everyone seems to be really tense.


*: Who knows, maybe another king has come to visit?


*: It looks lively up at the castle, and it smells like they're cooking up a storm in the kitchens. Is there some kind of banquet planned?


*: Ha, not likely. This is King Carnelian we're talking about—he's hardly known for his hospitality. ...Erm, don't tell anyone I said that, will you?


*: There I was just gazing into the middle distance when who should charge past but the King and Sir Hendrik!


*: The two of them don't often go running about the place together. I wonder what they were up to...


*: Get a load of this! Sir Hendrik just rode past and when I shouted ‘More power to your elbow!’, he only went and turned round!


*: The King himself even glared at me for half a second! I've had a real brush with greatness!


*: Wow, Sir Hendrik, you say? And the King? Well, well. How about that?


*: Ah, [pc]! Welcome to Heliodor Castle!


*: ...Umm, and you really are welcome this time. Sorry about all that Darkspawn business.


*: We've been expecting you, [pc]. The King has told us everything that happened. Please accept my apologies for all that we put you through.


*: The preparations for the feast are well underway, and I'll be here making sure no riff-raff can get in. You relax and enjoy yourself.


*: Normally the square is nice and peaceful, but today everyone's running around like headless chickens.


*: I have a strange feeling there's something untoward afoot. I do hope I'm mistaken...


*: Ah-phew... Ah-phew...


*: No one's spending any money today...


*: Those guards at the castle have it made. Three meals a day, cooked by the finest chefs in the kingdom.


*: I might not be cut out for the job myself, but I'd love to sample the lifestyle for a day or two...


*: All the grown-ups are being strange and fidgety. What's going on?


*: There's a gate to the east that will take you to the rough part of town. It's usually manned by guards to keep the riff-raff out.


*: But strangely, they seem to be off-duty today. Is something going on up at the castle, I wonder?


*: I'm afraid you've left it a little late to visit the King. You'll have to come back in the morning.


It seems it's too late to visit the castle tonight. Wait until morning? [yes/no]


*: His Majesty has been waiting for you to arrive ever since he returned to the castle. Please, go ahead.


*: My boy keeps saying he wants to be a soldier when he grows up, but I wish he'd choose a less dangerous career. A baker, perhaps? Or a postman?


*: Now's not the time to be a soldier, what with all these monsters running around. He could get himself hurt!


*: When I grow up, I'm going to be a big, tough soldier, just like Sir Hendrik!


*: When I grow up, I'm going to be an amazing military tactician, just like Sir Jasper!


*: Boys are so stupid, running round like idiots all the time!


*: I bet Sir Jasper and Sir Hendrik never acted like that!


*: That nasty little thief who they banged up for breaking into the royal treasure rooms only went and escaped! Now they've docked all our pay, claiming we're grossly incompetent!


*: If I could remember what the little blighter looked like, I'd hunt him down and tan his hide!


*: Welcome back to Heliodor, [pc]! The King has told us everything that happened.


*: I've been posted here to make sure there are no gawpers hanging around staring at you. Please go on ahead to the castle.


Strike a light! It's you! Erik's new best pal! It's good to see you alive an' well!


If yer plannin' on 'eadin' up to the castle, make sure they don't chuck you in the dungeons again, won'tcha?


*: Why, hello. Charmed, I'm sure. One is lucky enough to be married to the magnificent Derk. He has told us such an awful lot about you!


*: One understands that the King has personally invited you to the castle. Derk seems rather more excited about it than you are!


*: I had no idea Heliodor had a princess!


*: To think, she went missing all those years ago and she's only returned now! And from what people are saying, she's a fine figure of a woman!


*: So Princess Jade has returned? I've heard her name, but I've never seen her.


*: I daresay she'll turn out to be very beautiful—her mother was a real looker, after all.


*: I overheard some guards talking—apparently Princess Jade has returned! And everyone thought she was dead!


*: Goodness knows where she's been or what she's been doing. All I know is that she was just a little girl when she went missing. She's been through a lot, I'm sure...


*: I could hardly believe my eyes! A whole roasted fawn, a barrel of ice from Sniflheim, choice sweetmeats from Gondolia...


*: Those are just some of the things they've been carting up to the castle! Meanwhile the rest of us sit around with our tummies rumbling!


*: I just saw all manner of delectable dishes being carried up to the castle.


*: What can this banquet be in aid of? Well, I'm just glad the King has something to celebrate for once.


*: My goodness are there some mouth-watering aromas drifting from the castle! What I wouldn't give to have a plateful of whatever it is they're making!


*: Oh, are you heading to the castle? Well, who knows—if you're lucky, you might catch sight of whoever the King's special guest is.


*: But if you're going up there to speak to him, you might be out of luck. If the preparations are anything to go by, he'll be more than preoccupied with toasting his visitor.


*: I just heard the guards gossiping about some princess or other.


*: I wonder who they were talking about... The last Princess of Heliodor died years ago...


*: Our King is amazing. He lost his young daughter, but he didn't let it break him. No, he just kept on giving everything for his kingdom.


*: He never allowed his sadness to show. I'm sure he was thinking of all of us—he didn't want us to worry about him. What a man!


*: Ah, [pc]... I hope you can find it in your heart to forgive us for all the injustices we have visited upon you...


*: His Majesty wishes to apologise to you too. Please, go ahead. He is waiting for you.


*: Ah, [pc]... I hope you can find it in your heart to forgive us for all the injustices we have visited upon you...


*: His Majesty very much wishes to apologise to you too, but I am afraid he has already retired for the night. You will have to come back in the morning.


*: The King has told us everything. It seems there was a terrible misunderstanding. I hope we can put it all behind us. ...Oh, and you may pass!


*: The King has told us everything. We know now that you were never the Darkspawn. It seems it was all a terrible misunderstanding.


*: But if you want to go inside and see him, I am afraid you will have to come back in the morning. The King will speak with you then.


*: So you're the Luminary, are you? We heard they'd invited some VIP up there to the castle, but they never let us know the full details of what's going on.


*: Still, it's probably best that the likes of me don't know what's going on. Ignorance is bliss, and all that! Go on, into the castle with you!


*: Ohh, I thought I would die of shame! The King passed by, and my granddaughter's dog tried to attack him!


*: Normally he's the most docile creature you can imagine. I wonder what can have got into him...


*: I'm only visiting Heliodor, so I'm not quite sure what's going on. Are they having some kind of festival or something?


*: Heliodor is normally such a nice, peaceful place, but everyone seems rather worked up today. I wonder what can be going on...


*: Ooh, are you from out of town? Well, you've picked a fine time to visit Heliodor!


*: It seems they're holding some kind of banquet up at the castle. If you play your cards right, maybe you can get an invite! Who doesn't love a free feed?


*: (snore) Nnngrrrgh...! (snort)




The curious energy that once emanated from the root can no longer be felt.


*: This area is off-limits! Visitors aren't allowed to enter!


*: This area is off-limits! Visitors aren't allowed to enter!


*: We're under strict orders not to let the general populace get wind of you being here, or of Princess Jade's return.


*: It makes sense, I suppose. We wouldn't want the hoi polloi getting overexcited or confused—they're not all that bright, you see.


*: Welcome to Heliodor Castle! We've all been very eager to see you again, Mr Luminary!


*: But we don't want the townspeople finding out about you being here. I hope you understand—It might create a bit of a stir, you see.


*: The castle is abuzz with rumours, and I rather suspect they centre on you. How will this all pan out, I wonder...


*: You want to speak to me? Gosh! I'm flattered! It's not every day you get to talk to the Luminary!


*: Ohhh, so you're the Luminary, are ya? Nice! Well, make yerself at 'ome, won't ya?


*: His Majesty is waiting for you.


*: To get to the throne room, head up these stairs and go straight ahead.


*: Oh, it's you. You know, I never bought into all that Darkspawn stuff.


*: No, I could always tell you were one of the goodies. You can see it in your eyes.


*: I had always believed that the Queen and Princess Jade both lost their lives when Dundrasil was attacked.


*: To think, Princess Jade survived and grew up to be such a fine young woman! I still can't believe it! If this isn't a miracle, I don't know what is!


*: When the King thought he had lost his daughter, it hit him very hard. His personality seemed to change overnight. But then, going through something like that, I'm not surprised.


*: I hope that having Princess Jade back with him after all these years will go some way to healing the pain it caused...


*: To be honest, it always seemed a little off to me that one we thought was the Luminary could secretly be this evil Darkspawn character.


*: And now we know it wasn't true. The King explained everything. Seems you're the one who's going to bring the light of hope back to our world.


*: I know we've had our ups and downs in the past, but I want you to know that all of us Heliodorians are very much on your side!


*: His Majesty told us of how you saved our kingdom, even after all we did to you.


*: It seems we were very wrong about you. I would understand if you were unable to ever fully forgive us, but still...I would ask that you try to accept our apologies.


*: It's strange—no sooner had the King returned to the castle than he ordered that we prepare a great banquet in honour of the Luminary.


*: But unless I'm missing something, isn't the Luminary also the wicked Darkspawn, harbinger of calamity? I wonder what His Majesty can be thinking...


*: Is it just me or is there a curious tension in the air?


*: How dare the King treat us in so cavalier a fashion!? We are nobles of the most blue-blooded stock, and yet still he has better things to do than grant us an audience!


*: We were all set to meet with the King, and now he finds that he has a more important guest to attend to!


*: To be ignored once is unfortunate, but twice? Why, it is starting to seem like some sort of personal vendetta!


*: My job is to guard the King, and I'm jolly good at it, even if I do say so myself!


*: I won't let so much as an ant get by me!


*: This is the entrance to Princess Jade's chamber. I am afraid I cannot permit you to pass.


*: It seems we owe you an apology. We thought the Luminary was an evil being who would bring catastrophe. We couldn't have been more wrong.


*: The King has admitted his mistake, and shared the truth with us all. You should go and speak with him in the throne room.


*: You're the talk of the castle, you know. I heard that after you fled Heliodor, you travelled far and wide—Gallopolis, Sniflheim, everywhere...


*: Well, wherever you went, it certainly seems to have toughened you up. You've clearly been through a lot!


*: We all made a terrible mistake! We thought you were the Darkspawn, but it turns out you were a hero all along! We're so sorry!


*: To think we welcomed you to Heliodor by slinging you in the dungeons! Well, it's safe to say that will never happen again!


*: I wonder what happened exactly... Sir Jasper left the castle, and then the King and Sir Hendrik went after him a little while later...


*: Now the King and Sir Hendrik are back, but we haven't heard a word about Sir Jasper. It's all very strange...


*: This is His Majesty's chamber, and before you ask, no—you're not coming in.


*: It is an honour to welcome you back to Heliodor. Now, His Majesty awaits you. Please make your way to the throne room.


*: I'm so sorry, Mr Luminary, sir... You must forgive us for having been so wrong about you... I feel awful...


*: But to be fair, we did think you were the Darkspawn and that you were going to ruin everything... And...well, it was all the King's idea, really...


*: That red star in the sky is known as Erdwin's Lantern, you know.


*: Scholars have long wondered how it got that name, but I am afraid it has remained a mystery.


*: I've found myself gazing at it a lot recently. Is it just my imagination, or does it seem to be getting bigger?


*: Sir Jasper has gone missing, and the King is acting very strangely indeed... What in the world is happening here!?


*: Oi! Move yourself, you lousy layabout! I'm late for my shift patrolling downtown!


*: ...Oh, I'm sorry! You caught me at an awkward moment. I'm trying to get this loafer to move, you see.


*: Luckily for you, you don't have a night shift to be getting on with. Why don't you turn in for the night? There's a guest room upstairs in the western part of the building you can use.


*: Why good evening, [pc]. Now, forgive one if this is none of one's business, but one must say, your friend Gemma is a most splendid girl.


*: Aren't you lucky to have such a precious creature awaiting your eventual return! One must say, you are a shrewd young devil!


I was so worried about you, [pc]! I'm so glad you made it back safe and sound!


I just hope that one day, you know, once we've all gone home to Cobblestone and rebuilt everything... I hope we can, umm... That you and me can...


Oh, listen to me rabbiting on! Ignore me, [pc]—I'm just being silly and selfish! I know you have far more important things to be worrying about than me. I'll stop wittering on.


*: Wh-Who is that man...? He's magnificent! He's been dancing non-stop ever since the banquet began, and he shows no signs of flagging!


*: And his moves just get more and more entrancing... Oh, it's spellbinding! Just who in the world could he be...?


*: So I hear that this extraordinary young man is one of your companions, [pc].


*: I'll bet there's never a dull moment with him around!


*: So I hear young Gemma is waiting for her sweetheart to return from some epic journey or other.


*: Well, it's obviously none of my business, but if I ever met that bloke, I'd give him a piece of my mind! What in the world can he be thinking? You don't leave a girl like that on the shelf!


*: Cor! That blonde girl is a looker, and no mistake! I'd try my luck with her, but I'll bet she has a boyfriend...


There you are, [pc] darling! The people of Heliodor are such a scream! I can't remember the last time I had so much fun!


Come on, why don't you show them your moves? It's a party! Don't be shy now!


*: Those moves! That style! He's truly amazing! I just started playing and he improvised a whole routine—incredible!


*: Ahh, he's truly world-class. Imagine the two of us teaming up to travel the world together... It could be a beautiful thing!


I just wanted you to know—we may have fulfilled our duty and taken you to Yggdrasil...


But that doesn't mean Serena and I are just going to go home now. We're not going anywhere until Mordegon's finally been taught a lesson!


We've been talking about the first time we met you, [pc].


We both thought the same thing—that we'd met you before, a long, long time ago... It's strange, isn't it?


*: I, I've been wanting to say this for a while, but you know, what with me being a guard and needing to be professional and all that, it never seemed like quite the right time...


*: Look, the truth is, I think you're great, and once everything settles down, maybe we could, umm...maybe we could be, you know, together and stuff. So, what do you say? Will you marry me?


*: There are all sorts of people staggering about the castle looking dazed and confused. I think they might be enjoying the party a little too much...


I wouldn't have thought it when I was locked up in that dank dungeon living on bread and water, but King Carnelian knows how to put on a good spread!


But if he thinks we're going to forgive him just because he gave us a good feed, he's got another thing coming!


Those pies were awfully tasty, though... Gah, I'm torn! My heart says one thing, but my belly says another!


You poor boy! Sir Hendrik told me all about what they put you through!


But you didn't let it beat you! You kept on fighting until the King realised the truth and released us!


I knew you wouldn't let us down! You're my little soldier through and through! Ahh, I'm so proud of you I could burst!


*: Hello there, [pc]. Gemma's here too somewhere. I'm sure she'd be over the moon to see you.


*: You two aren't children any more, you know. Take my advice—if you're hoping to be with her one day, you need to show her you care.


*: (chomp chomp) Ahh, this is the life! I doubt I'll ever get the chance to eat this much tasty grub again. Better make the most of it, eh? (chomp chomp)


*: ...Hm? What am I doing here? Well, all us guards who were keeping an eye on the folks from Cobblestone were invited along to the banquet, you see. Bury the hatchet, and all that. I'm certainly not complaining!


*: I was just minding my own business down in the town when some guards came up and asked me if I'd mind coming up to the castle and keeping the folks from Cobblestone company.


*: Well, I had nothing better to do, so I came. And am I ever glad I did—I've never eaten so much great grub in all my life! Heh heh!


*: I'm still coming to terms with it all... The King came up to me and told me to clear out Sir Jasper's room...


*: He just said ‘I'm not keeping a room for a dead man!’, and then stormed off! After all Sir Jasper did to defend the kingdom! What kind of a thing to say is that!?


Why, Jasper...? Why...?


*: Ugh! What a drab room this is! Is this any way to treat an honoured guest? Do they not know who I am?


*: Meanwhile, it seems a rabble from some forsaken backwater called Cobblestone are enjoying a banquet at the King's invitation! What in the world can he be thinking!?


*: When I was first served this appallingly modest meal, I thought it was some kind of joke. But actually it turned out to be rather tasty...


*: Oh! Are you this Luminary fellow, then? I imagined you'd be a tough-looking sort, but you're a real string bean.


*: You look like you need a hearty dinner or two to put some meat on your bones! You can't go saving the world with your tummy rumbling, can you now? Wah hah hah!


*: Goodness me, if it isn't the Luminary! Don't you have better places to be than a hot, sweaty kitchen?


*: If I were you, I'd head to the banquet hall and get ready for the meal of a lifetime—I've never seen the cook so fired up!


*: Oh dear! I've lost my poor little kitty cat. Staff aren't supposed to have pets, of course, so I can't tell anyone or I'll get in trouble!