5 years time

EDIT: v0.91 is now available, fixing an early crash.

I’m pleased to announce that the 7th Dragon 2020-II English translation patch (450 MB) is complete and available now:




I’ll have more thoughts at a later time, but those can wait until after the patch is out and being played.

Please note that while the other three 7th Dragon games are fairly disconnected from one another and can be played in any order, 7th Dragon 2020-II is a very direct sequel to 7th Dragon 2020. It will spoil that game’s events, and relies on your understanding of that game’s characters, almost all of whom appear in this sequel. I strongly recommend that you play 7th Dragon 2020 before playing this game.

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  1. Man, this took enough but at least was less than learning japanese from scratch. Much thanks from south america!

  2. Aah, this brings a tear to my eye, to see finally this completed with Geoff’s nulla osta and thumbs up! Thanks a lot for seeing this through, I’ll definitely honor your time by playing it!

  3. In the end, this still came out sooner than I anticipated(what with the expected December release). I only had a minute to look at this before heading off to work right now, but great work man.
    That’s the entire series in english.
    Appreciate it.

  4. I’d like to report a bug I encountered already with your fan translation of 7th Dragon 2020-II. On the quest Lecturer for New Recruits (One of the first 3 sidequests in the game) it’s hanging on a green screen after talking to the NPC. I was able to get past this using my save on the original JP ISO but it consistently crashed with your fan translation patch.

        1. hi geoff, sorry to bother you but can you make an updated patch for an iso that already patched with 0.90?
          when i read the edit
          “v0.91 is now available, fixing an early crash.”
          i thought every link is updated so i download that torrent not realizing that it’s still 0.90. i request this because my internet is really slow. so i hope you can do that

  5. Oh, rad, thank you for this! Perfect timing for me as I’m in between games! Looks like I’ll be finishing this series in order! Thank you!

  6. We are not worthy!!!😭

    Thank you! On behalf of PSP users everywhere we thank you for all your hard and dedicated work on bringing us these Japanese exclusive series!

    I also wish you goods luck on your future endeavors!

  7. Grabbed 0.91, just wanted to bring to your attention that the music in the base area (the Diet) isn’t looping properly – it always just stops at the same point in the song. Changing rooms restarts the song, but it will stop at the same point. Doesn’t seem to be happening anywhere else so far. I’m on PSP 3000 hardware, btw.

    1. Thanks. I vaguely remember a weirdo music bug like this in the last game too. I’ll take a look. May not be easily fixable but I always appreciate the report.

        1. And actually, I think it’s only in the Diet building *before* the Bloom reappears. So, SUPER nbd. Sorry to bug you with this.

  8. one dream come true, i am extremely thankful that a game i can’t play before due to incapability to learn Japanese language without getting head aces and noose bleeds and regrets of not being born in japan is at last playable to the guy like me. anyway Merry Christmas in advance hope you guys will have a great festivities ^^

  9. Thanks so much for this! I’ve been really looking forward to this. I loved your translation for 2020. It was really high quality stuff. I’m sure this will be the same and I can’t wait to get home from work and install it.

  10. Thank you so much for your hard work!! I’ve been looking forward to your translation, I’m so excited to play this! You’ve put in so much work for this series!

  11. >tfw finished playing 7th Dragon 2020 last night then this came

    Many thanks to you guys that you gave this gem to us

  12. Firstly, thanks for all of your hard work! I started playing this series in 2016 and now I finally get to play all the games now thanks to you. Secondly, has anyone found out how to get it to work on mobile? My usual method doesn’t seem to work and looking it it just adds mire questions than answers. Thanks, and once again, thank you Geoff.

  13. Really thank you very much im so happy hearing this news and cant contain my happiness anymore ><..
    Anyway many many thanks for your hard work until now we're player 7th dragon really appreciate your hard work thank you so much.

  14. omga thank u sooooo much !!
    Is great that is finally translated, thank you for your work, despite being so busy you could do it, although I played the first one, I will start from scratch to do everything, I do not mind to start as I love this saga of 7th dragon, again very many thanks for translating it

  15. Thank you so much! Been waiting for this ever since I experienced your awesome work on 2020. This is truly a dream come true.

  16. Hi, I have a problem. The game always crash right after the imageepcoh jrpg logo (before the tittle screen). I’m using the latest ppsspp 1.7.1.

  17. currently not working on mobile ppspp, either cause I dont know how to make it work or cause its not an iso file. most likely the former

  18. OMG,thank you so much!
    I’ve been waiting for it since the very beginning. So glad it finally happened(>y<)

  19. Oh my God, what a wonderful news! Thank you from the bottom of my heart to use your time and efforts to make that translation! I appreciate very much! I can’t thank you enough man! I wish you success in everything you make in the future!
    I will be very happy now playing this game xD

    1. This is something present in the original game that I have limited control over. I waffled about whether to make these lines more vague or change them to reflect this issue, but ultimately, it’s difficult to keep track of when you start changing things. So I just stuck with the existing dialogue. I do appreciate the report, though.

  20. Thank you for your hardwork!!

    By the way, is there any advice on how to configure the ppsspp so the map doesnt glitch? The dungeon map would glitch a lot, especially when you cover or discover areas and it wont show in the map. Aside from the map, the game runs smoothly.

    Again, many thanks!!!

  21. Thank you for the translation? Will you translate more things? I saw a light novel about 7th dragon which revolves around Fuuma and Yoritomo…forgot the name. Will you consider of translating it? Sorry for the trouble.

  22. I just finished the game today, 70 hours, including the super boss, I did not find any bugs. Classes: Trickster, Psychic and Idol. Thank you very much once again! I loved the game so much, thanks to you Geoff that I was able to play! Now just the game of 3ds left for me xD

      1. My mini map is okay, like everything. I play in a PC, don’t know if the problems are on just cell phones. Anyways, I will put my graphics settings here, maybe can help.
        Backend – OpenGL
        Mode – Buffered Rendering
        Simulate block transfer effects – yes
        Software rendering – no
        Frameskipping – off
        Auto frameskip – no
        Prevent fps from exceeding 60 – yes
        Alternative speed – unlimited
        Alternative speed 2 – disabled
        Postprocessing shader – off
        VSync – no
        Hardware transform – yes
        Software skinning – yes
        Vertex cache – yes
        Lazy texture caching – no (below this, until ”Hardware tessellation” is all ”no”)
        Spline/Bezier curves quality – High
        Upscale level – auto
        Upscale type – hybrid + bicubic
        Desposterize – yes
        Anisotropic filtering – 16x
        Texture filtering – auto
        Screen scaling filter – linear
        And below this is all irrelevant (I left off).

  23. Hi, I have a problem. The game always crash right after the imageepcoh jrpg logo (before the tittle screen). I’m using the latest ppsspp 1.7.1.

  24. First off, I really appreciate the effort you went through to make this! As a 7th Dragon fan, I’m incredibly happy right now.

    What I wanted to ask, though, was where these cute chibi graphics came from (yuma from this post, and yaiba from one of the past posts). Are they possibly official art from somewhere? I really like the style of them and I’d like to see if there are more for the other characters.

    This might get buried under the other comments, but I figured I might as well ask. :’)

  25. A late comment but still want to thank you for your efforts in translating this game. Just finished VFD and was left with the desire of play more 7th Dragon.

    Thank you a lot again.

  26. Really, I can’t believe people do this for free in their free time.
    You are an amazing person, and you deserve the best from life! Wish you the best of luck!!!

    I really looking forward to play this saga. <3

  27. Your DL link on the Projects Page still links to v0.90, as I just tripped across painfully(early game crash)

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