You’re welcome. It’s been a privilege.

Here are some bugs.

Thanks. I’ve done a poor job of fixing the bugs and typos people have kindly reported in the past. This time, I’m planning to loop back in a month or so and do a final v1.00 that fixes the typos.

Please help me run this!

Unfortunately, I don’t have time to do technical support. I’m really sorry.

The solution to issues is generally updating your version of PPSSPP, updating your PSP’s CFW, and toggling any options you have enabled for CFW (e.g. Magic Save).

Do you have an update patch for version 0.90?

Sorry, this would have been a good thing to include (especially since I screwed up the v0.91 torrent). Here is a v0.90 -> v0.91 update patch. This is ONLY for updating a patched 0.90 ISO to a patched 0.91 ISO. Very few people will still want this.

3 thoughts on “Mailbag”

  1. Hi, it’s me again.
    1. I wanna say thank you for v0.90 to v0.91 update patch, i really really appreciate it. You’re my hero. I’m serious~
    2. I know it’s too soon and sounds like begging, but if it’s possible i hope you create a v0.91 to v1.00 update patch when it’s released in the future.
    Again, thank you. thank you for everything.

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