Don Rodrigo

“A Teacher of Knights, and a Father”

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Head of the nobility ruling Puerto Valor, and additionally, runs the training hall for knights seeking to serve the Kingdom of Heliodor. He is an honest and tolerant man. His steward Servantes is said to have once been an obstinate ruffian, but after being defeated by Don Rodrigo, entered his service. Don Rodrigo also instructed Hendrik as he began his journey to knighthood, along with his own son, Sylvando. Though he appears to be past his prime, his prowess as a knight outstrips that of any man still in his youth.

Occupation: Lord of Puerto Valor
Birthplace: Puerto Valor
Height: 190 cm
Weight: 80 kg
Favorite food: Steak with black pepper
Prized possession: Favorite sword
Preferred type: “My departed wife, and she alone.”
Motto: Give your heart and soul

Q: When Norberto was younger, what kind of child was he?

Don Rodrigo: Not to brag on my boy, and he was always itching for a fight, but… everything he touched turned to gold, he was magnifico! Whenever I tried to teach him the sword, he’d know what I told him before I even said it, even remember things I hadn’t mentioned. The boy certainly had talent in spades, but he was no innocent child. That was how he was as a boy, but after he ran off to join the circus, he no doubt grew up as we all do, and I know not what has become of him.

Q: What kind of pupil was Hendrik?

Don Rodrigo: Compared to talented Norberto, Hendrik was clumsy, an oaf. The first time I saw him hold a sword, quaking, I was worried he’d be utterly useless. But he was the hardest worker of them all. Every single night, after everyone went quiet to bed, he trained alone on what he’d learned that day. He was clumsy, and far too serious a boy, but as a result of untiring work, he became the man, the knight, he is today.

Q: Tell us about your wife, the superstar.

Don Rodrigo: She was kind… never angry, always smiling. When I say she was never angry, it reminds me of our first date, when I was trying to tell her how enchanting a sword could be, and I talked at her for two hours in front of the weapon shop about the proper materials for forging and the like. It must have been cruelly tedious, but she didn’t say a word of complaint, just listened to me as if she were fascinated… that woman truly shone like the sun.

Q: What spots in Puerto Valor do you recommend?

Don Rodrigo: As the Don of Puerto Valor, I can heartily recommend the bar. It’s got a nice patio, you can see the sea right out there. Having a drink while you can feel the salt air and look at the sea is the best. And when night falls, it takes on a more romantic atmosphere. If you want to have a classy time, that’s my recommendation.

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