“Determination to Walk In Her Sister’s Footsteps”

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Occupation: Younger of twin sister sages
Age: Tee hee, that’s a secret!
Birthplace: Arboria
Height: 160 cm
Weight: “Oh, I couldn’t possibly say something so embarrassing…”
Favorite food: Sweets (particularly the specialty sweets of Gondolia)
Prized possession: Treasured harp
Preferred type: A person like the hero of a romance novel
Motto: Always keep the sun in your heart
What she wants to do when there’s peace: Open a cake shop in Arboria
Favorite thing about herself: Her nicely-shaped forehead
Stress relief: Playing the harp
The thing she wants most right now: A sequel to her favorite book, “A Ripple on the Sea of Love”

“I promise to do my bit as well—I have some really rather wonderful healing spells, you know!”
The younger of the two twins born in saintly Arboria, she like her sister was born entrusted with a purpose, to protect the Luminary from harm. Unlike her sister, she has a calm and easygoing temperament, and could often be seen together with her sister wearing a soft smile as they grew up together in Arboria. However, because of a vision from their elder, revealing the truth of the Luminary’s reappearance in this world, the twin sisters left their home behind and set out to guide the hero. Serena always followed in her older sister’s footsteps, but she will stand and face a fate crueler than her comrades on their long and difficult journey.

Q: If you could trade places with Veronica for a day, how would you spend it?

Serena: If I were to be her, I’d like to try fighting with Erik. They always seem to have such fun quarreling, it makes me want to join in the fun too. Just like Veronica does, I’d like to see how it feels to say something like “Are you some kind of idiot?!”. I want to say something like that, too, just once.

Q: Do you have any treasured memories of Veronica from when you were a child?

Serena: Speaking of memories from when I was a child reminds me of all the mischief we used to get up to. We’d swap our clothing and trade places. After all, the two of us were twins and could scarcely be told apart, so when everyone finally realized what we’d done, the look on their faces would be like pigeons pegged with peashooters, it was such fun to see.

…But, when it came time for that kind of play, I would always cry about causing trouble. Could it be, perhaps, that all that mischief was my sister’s way of worrying about me, of saying, “toughen up like me”?

Q: What’s something you’re proud of and can outdo any of your companions at?

Serena: I’m confident in the strength of my legs. I’ve always liked walking ever since I was small, and at all hours I would travel the mountain paths, spending I don’t know how long walking those roads.

So I’ll win any walk-off! Other than that, I can sleep almost anywhere. Even if Veronica says I can’t do it, I’ve told you I can, so rest assured, these are my specialties and I shan’t lose!

Q: Please, tell us the most delicious sweet you’ve tasted on your travels.

Serena: The most delicious sweet?! The cakes in Gondolia were so fluffy and scrumptiously spongy, the filled buns in Hotto so superbly matched the tea there with their sweetness… Each and every town had its own sweets, and I can’t choose, they were all the best!

Oh, just thinking about them is making me drool! Goodness, Serena, you’re embarrassing yourself…

Q: Tell us about the time when you received your harp.

Serena: When I was little, I loved to sing songs, so every day I would pray to the statue of Serenica, “I want a harp.” And so there came the morning when I found a harp tucked under my pillow! Of course, I later figured out that my parents had known what I was praying for and given it to me as a present, but at the time I was quite certain Serenica had answered my prayers and bestowed it upon me, and I still remember jumping up and down. Hee hee, it certainly takes me back.

Serena’s Prized Harp
The harp accompanying Serena on her journey. Like Veronica’s flute, it seems very important to her.

Serena has a wide variety of healing arts at her disposal, and this dance is one of them. Swaying her body from side to side while clapping, then swinging her arms to each side… this dance is a national treasure.

Serena’s clothing may show her navel or have a bold mini-skirt… but it seems she herself may be blissfully unaware. After she cuts her hair, you may find that your impression of her changes.

“Unexpected Side of A Serious Woman”
During their search for the Rainbough, Sylvando proposes a girls’ day out to tour the shopping and sweets. Naturally, Veronica is aboard, but even Serena approves, saying “I’ve never seen so many sweets!” and leaving Erik to deal with the rest. Serious a person as she always is, she must have ordinary things she likes. And despite how much she likes sweets, she’s unafraid to bare her navel in one of her more stylish costumes, which merits some respect.

“Admired and Boastful Older Sister”
Serena surely must harbor some envy of her always bright and brilliant sister Veronica. Since her childhood, she has always followed behind her sister, but has anyone ever seen her complain about it? She certainly does do a good impression of Veronica. She brings it out at a time when her companions are a bit too dour to lighten the mood, and in a way, that is the best eulogy to Veronica; an older sister, admired and bright as the sun.

“Meaning of Cutting Her Long Hair”
“Now, I ask that each of you offer up a lock of hair to the sacred flame.”  The custom in Arboria is for each mourner to cut and give a strand of hair into the fire. It is a meaningful gesture, but for someone who has done nothing but chase behind her older sister, it is proof of their farewell. Over the sixteen years of days and months she spent with her sister, they grew out their beautiful hair. It is perhaps miraculous that Serena can forge the resolution to cut that precious hair at once with her own hands.

“Tears Only the Luminary Sees”
Born in order to guide and to protect the Luminary, reincarnation of the Sage Serenica, Serena is the younger of two twin sisters. But, just once, she lets the Luminary see her crying. Naturally, she shows the one she must protect all by herself now her tears, as a mark of her faith in him, and perhaps also her respect; not from the love between a man and a woman, but the bond of those they are reincarnations of, who saved the world long ago, and the fellow feeling between them.

Love Filtering Through Trees Like Sunshine
“A Song Handed Down in Arboria?!”
This is the song Serena says is her favorite, a traditional in Arboria:

“Promise, promise, o my love,
Thou wilt wait in boughs above,
That our leaves might bloom together.”

says the unknown songwriter, seeming to be thinking of the fate of the two sisters. Veronica seems to have liked the song too, and said Serena could be often heard singing it. It seems inevitable that at least once, they must have played that sad song together, just the two of them.


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