Vince Vanquish

“Unrivaled Fighter Seeking Strength to Protect the Weak”

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Occupation: Sometimes a priest, sometimes a fighter
Birthplace: Octagonia
Height: 200 cm
Weight: 90 kg
Favorite food: Paxa punch
Prized possession: Bandana he got from the orphanage kids
Preferred type: Someone who can cook
Motto: Do a good turn daily

“And if I wasn’t winnin’…I wasn’t bringin’ in the money we needed for the orphanage…”
Priest of Octagonia. A fighter born in an orphanage, he uses the money he earns in the MMA tournaments to support the children there. He has a habit of drinking a peculiar concoction called Fighting Juice before important matches, and took the title of champion at the last tournament with his unique fighting style. Due to his preternatural toughness and fearsome strength, he’s undefeated in the ring, and sales of his merchandise look to be taking off as well. He is a heroic presence in Octagonia. He is a kindhearted and compassionate man, but will do anything to protect children, and has an obstinate side as well.

Q: Which came first for you, being a priest or a fighter?

Vince: Priest came first. When I was a kid I wanted to be like the priests who brought us up. Being a fighter came after I took over as priest. I’d always been strong, but I decided to wear two hats so I could feed those kids at the orphanage. As a man of god, I’d fight fair and square… at least, that’s what I swore to them all. But instead… jeez, Vince! What were you thinking?!

Q: Was the Luminary a reliable partner in the MMA tournament?

Vince: Oh, natch! If he hadn’t been my partner, I mighta lost to Sterling Sylva. Yeah, he’s strong and all, but more than that, he’s got a feel for the ring. Seems like somehow he knows what way the fight’s goin’ and what to do. Don’t think I’m wrong in sayin’ he’s one amazing talent.

Q: Who was the toughest person you fought against in the MMA tournament?

Vince: Out of all of ’em, the toughest was that Rab/Jade team. Ordinarily teams are all over the place, but Rab’s magic and Jade’s kicks fit together like clockwork. I could never tell where they were coming from next. That wasn’t just practice. I could tell the two of ’em were real tight somehow.

Q: What’s your favorite drink?

Vince: Uhhh, that’s gonna be a no comment from me.

Q: Do you like the casino?

Vince: Truth is, I don’t have a lot of good memories of the casino. Once, I blew all my winnings from a tournament there in one night, you know. I’m the kinda guy who goes to the ring to get the thrill of victory and my blood runnin’. My friends gave me a loan back then, but ever since, I’ve taken it easy on the gamblin’.

“True Strength is Fighting Any Enemy to a Stalemate”
Vince enters the MMA tournament in a tag team with the Luminary. Whenever the two lose a match against their opponents, Vince manages to eke out a draw. To courageously face two tough combatants, fight to a standstill, and manage to extract a draw, Vince must be quite a strong fighter. It’s a shame we don’t see it in evidence when the match is resumed, but perhaps he possesses some hidden strength beyond what anyone imagines.

The Underdigger
“Two Fighters Somehow Connected”
When the Underdigger bumps into Veronica after getting the Abominable Showman as a partner in the MMA draw, Vince tells him “Don’t take it out on the kid, Underdigger. We all have our bad days.” in one of his unnamed lines. Have they clashed in past MMA tournaments? Whether it’s meeting in the Casino or when he’s manipulated by Arachtagon, Vince seems to be everywhere he goes. As he’s used to dealing with kids at the orphanage, handling the Underdigger and his childish tantrums seems to be Vince’s job.


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