Prince Faris

“Selfishly Shining Star of the Desert”

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Occupation: Prince of the Kingdom of Gallopolis
Age: 16
Birthplace: Kingdom of Gallopolis
Height: 170 cm
Weight: 60 kg
Favorite food: Cactus steak
Prized possession: Vaunted cape
Preferred type: Someone to relax together with
Motto: Don’t do today what you can put off until tomorrow

“And now, all can be forgotten…yes?”
Prince of the Kingdom of Gallopolis. Extolled as the most excellent prince since the founding of the kingdom, and praised too as its greatest treasure. A perfect specimen, praised as refined, courageous, strong, and stylish by all the people of Gallopolis, and known for his modesty among those who have not seen him in person. He is sworn to the Knight’s Pledge, and it is said that Gallopolis will remain at peace so long as the Prince remains present. Burdened by such weighty expectations, even the Prince himself seems to be much troubled to meet them.

Q: Do you have any special talents unequalled by anyone, even the Luminary?

Faris: If I do say so myself, I have great confidence in my ability to bluff. Were it known to the people at large what a woeful prince I was, would they not worry for the future of their nation? And so, as a prince, even at times when I lack faith in myself, I am ever conscious that I must stand firm and appear to be the real thing. As far as bluffing goes, I do not think anyone can best me.

Q: What kind of child were you when you were younger?

Faris: Ah, I used to play such excellent pranks on the soldiers. I would put horse manure into their armor, you know! But when called before my mother and father, they always lectured me most seriously. But, but, I knew I had to become a king as beloved by his people as my own honored father, and at any rate, not disliked by my own parents.

Q: Among the adventurers who helped you, who do you think is the most dependable?

Faris: Yessss… they were all quite reliable, but surely, the most reliable was Mr. Sylvando. He is a first-rate swordsman, an aficionado of the Knight’s Pledge, and by my reckoning, would never answer with worry in his voice. Whatever problem should arise, he is sure to say it is no great matter, and deal with it calm as can be!

Q: What kind of king would you like to become in the future?

Faris: I have already decided. One like my father. My father, in short, is a man who sells the prized treasure of the nation when he needs money without thinking about it, because he is so generous. So careless with his servants, that he would first blame his own oversight before considering one of them would be at fault. It is precisely because my father is such a king that our subjects can work without worry, and I daresay there is not a person in Gallopolis who despises my father.

“Teacher of the Pledge Who Changes the Prince”
As the prince of a kingdom of knights, Faris never renounces his beliefs or swerves in his loyalty. Lacking faith that he can answer the expectations of his parents or subjects, he believes his only option is to present a facade that does. “Do you want to be remembered as a miserable coward, or a hero who died fighting to the end?” says Sylvando, and those words rouse the knight’s soul within Faris. Facing whatever may come with honor, he turns over a new leaf as a genuinely excellent and knightly prince.

“World’s Most Elegant Beggar”
The first time Faris bows prostrate is when asking the Luminary to defeat the Slayer of the Sands, and the second time is to apologize after learning that the Rainbough has been sold. Diving immediately to the ground into a prostrate position, the Prince appears truly handsome, and his supplication form is perfect. After dealing with the perfectly poised prince in public, seeing him bowed down on his knees makes for a fitting memory.


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