Grand Master Pang

“Exalted of Angri-La, Teacher of Rab”

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On Mt. Pang Lai sits Angri-La, hallowed ground for the Luminary. And managing the monks gathered there for training is Grand Master Pang. In accordance with the law dating from antiquity, she took on a young Rab as her student. Though necessarily older than he is, she is a mysterious personage, youthful to the eye. Always carrying her “Naughty Stick” in hand when guiding those training under her, she gives harsh instruction to those who slacken in their efforts. However, it is said that those who successfully complete her training will realize their maximum potential.

Occupation: Teacher of Angri-La
Birthplace: Angri-La
Height: 160 cm
Weight: Seems to change at will
Favorite food: Angri-La monastic cuisine
Prized possession: Naughty stick
Preferred type: “Ye’d best not ask about that for yer own good… nay, that of yer poor bottom.” (per Rab)
Motto: The hand becomes a fist when one grasps, yet a palm when it is opened

Q: How do you think the Luminary would have fared as a pupil?

Pang: Muscular enough, and a quick study… I think he would have been a truly fine student. But with the bloodline of that Rab, he would no doubt require motivation. And additionally, care that he did not acquire any unseemly interests. To properly perfect such a troubled soul, I would want him to train here at Angri-La for ten years. Of course, while he resided here, we would have to shear that silky hair as well so that he looks the part of a monk!

Q: How did you get to be so strong?

Pang: Oh, that was ages ago, but… concealing my true nature, I traveled as a martial artist. I challenged the strong of each of the world’s nations and polished my skills in the process. Perhaps my experience in those days has served me in good stead.

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