“A Mermaid Who Dreams of Loving a Human”

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A beautiful mermaid encountered at the Strand. Her figure is lovely, and matched with a charming and guileless personality. On the day a storm struck, Michelle met a human man and fell in love with him. A fisherman from Lonalulu Village named Kainoa. Overcoming the chasm between humans and mermaids, the two fell fast in love, and promised to dwell together on the seabed. But Kainoa never came back. Michelle continues to wait for the day when her love returns to the Strand to see her once more.

Occupation: Mermaid
Birthplace: Nautica
Length: 190 cm (tail fully extended) 158 cm (as a human being)
Weight: 60 kg
Favorite food: Scallops wrapped in umibudo
Prized possession: Promise veil
Preferred type: Someone as manly as a stormy sea, refreshing as the salt breeze, and as big-hearted as the sea
Motto: Wait, and the storm will pass

Q: What’s your most cherished memory of Kainoa?

Michelle: My Kai once brought me to a town where humans lived, nearby. We hid my tail with human clothes, watched sparklers in the sky. I’d no idea those above had such delightful joys… nor, as I saw my Kai alit, such handsome, gallant boys. At any rate, that’s what I thought, just to myself, that day. But oh! You mustn’t tell him! I’m begging you, don’t say!

Q: Have you ever thought about becoming a human being?

Michelle: I like the seabed, certainly, it’s lovely, wide, and free. And I had always dreamed I’d have my friends near Kai and me… but if the only way to be with Kai is climb the shore… I’d leave the sea a thousand times to see him evermore!

The ruler of the undersea kingdom of Nautica. Sympathizing with Michelle as she flouts the Mermaid’s Burden and falls in love with a human man, she continues to watch over her with kindness from the world below. She is captivated by human beings, so inexperienced, yet so eager to live their brief lives to the fullest.

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