“Aloof Knight Chasing the Light”

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Occupation: General-and-tactician of the Kingdom of Heliodor
Age: 36
Birthplace: Kingdom of Heliodor
Height: 175 cm
Weight: 65 kg
Favorite food: Fruit-and-cream sandwich
Prized possession: Pendant of his oath
Preferred type: People smart enough not to meddle
Motto: Let the strong survive
Daily routine: Morning tea (lemon tea, no milk, plenty of sugar)
Favorite thing about himself: The wind flowing through his lovely hair
Stress relief: Vacation in Puerto Valor
Thing he wants most right now: Some time off

“I, Jasper, knight of Heliodor and trusted retainer of His Majesty, King Carnelian…”
This is Jasper, general of the Kingdom of Heliodor and vanquisher of countless monsters through his cleverness and strategic thinking. His ability to make snap decisions under pressure tirelessly has earned him the name “Jasper the Ingenious”. Clad in snow-white armor, his blond hair and handsome countenance shine like the sun. Due to his perfectionism toward his appearance, he receives a great deal of attention from the ladies. He has served the King of Heliodor alongside Hendrik from his youth, and from the day they were entrusted with the defense of the nation, have dutifully fulfilled their roles, whatever crises have come to Heliodor. Hendrik’s strength of arms, and his wisdom; believe that the strength of these two will protect their nation.

Q: Please, tell us your favorite and least favorite things about Hendrik.

Jasper: His pigheaded honesty, his stupidity. A short temper and poor judgment. He never listens when people talk and his fashion sense is abominable. Yes… I detest the man. My favorite thing about Hendrik? Are you truly asking that? Of me? There is nothing one could favor about him!! Hmph, and now I am in a bad mood. That is the end of this line of questioning!

Q: What are your favorite and least favorite animals?

Jasper: Generally animals will do precisely as you direct and show you their loyalty. In fact, inasmuch as they keep their mouths shut and remember what you tell them, I would say I prefer animals to human beings on the whole. But rats… they are useless. Filthy, cunning little things. Merely thinking of them disgusts me.

Q: If you were to lead something other than a knight’s life, is there something else you’d like to do?

Jasper: Hmmm, that is a fine question. If one were to select an occupation uniting all my finest qualities—my cleverness, seamanship, and a way with words—it would surely be a trader! No doubt, I would soon usurp the flow of goods throughout this world, and perhaps become a merchant king! Ahahahaha!

Q: Do you have any memories of Hendrik from your youth?

Jasper: Only aggravating ones, yet… I shall never forget the first time I met the man. He was skin and bones, caked in dirt, shaking with anxiety, and as night fell, he wept, calling out the names of his family. Eventually, by the king’s order that he might sleep if only a little, I read him a book, and shared with him some sweets. Hmph… what a meaningless old story.

Q: If you had to pick a friend from the Luminary’s party, who would it be?

Jasper: Hmph… however many rats you put in one place, they are no less a hindrance; but if I must choose, I choose the younger of the two twins. She seems adept enough in healing magic, which Heliodor is in short enough supply of. And if she proves useless at that, she ought to serve well enough as a maid in the castle, hahaha!

“The Youth Known as a Prodigy”
Jasper has served the King of Heliodor from a young age, but originally he was born to a noble family that had fallen on hard times. Before entering the king’s service and receiving training to become one of the finest knights of Heliodor, he had already distinguished himself as a prodigy by his intelligence. Valued by the king for his abilities, even placed within the castle itself, he learned military strategy and magic, and traveled with the scholars of Sniflheim to the Royal Library to deepen his understanding.

“A Dazzling Friend to Follow”
In contrast to Hendrik’s demonstrated aptitude with the sword, Jasper lives by his wits. The two act as one. Styled appropriately as the “two-headed eagle” guiding the kingdom, the two complement one another. However, the day came when only Hendrik received the praise. Proud as anything and having given unstinting effort, he could only stare at the back of his friend, after the vow they had exchanged. The lily-white Jasper was gnawed at by these feelings with no outlet, until he was tempted by the darkness; a deep, deep darkness indeed.

Heliodor Castle
“A Place to Share a Dream”
Heliodor Castle is full of youthful memories for both Hendrik and Jasper. They got along so well that they came to share a room, even vied as rivals to become the greatest knight of Heliodor. They schemed to steal into the king’s private chambers, pledged a vow with fists clenched, all the things young boys of the same age do. The pendant he received in the garden along with Hendrik is, even in his adulthood, a treasure he never lets out of his grasp.

His Bearing
“Likes to Play With His Bangs”
If there is one word to describe Jasper’s bearing, it is “elegant”. He has the aura of someone who proceeds from righteousness, and is gallant enough to make you wince. Yet even dignified Jasper tends to call those who displease him “rats”. He also has a no doubt unconscious habit of sometimes toying with his front bangs. Naturally, he is nonetheless an august figure, but one can’t help but wonder about these eccentricities from someone so fastidious about his image.

1F Heliodor Castle
After receiving their matching sets of armor, they came to whittle swords in the garden. They faced one another there. At first, they seemed like brothers.


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