“Quiet Man Who Hates Mermaids”

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A young fisherman living in Lonalulu, a small fishing village looking out on the sea. He lives with his mother and works hard at his job, rarely spending time with the people around him. He is as calm as the lull in a storm most of the time, but at times a hard light shows in his eyes. Thanks to the legend of the mermaid passed on as truth there, he’s been made to feel ashamed while growing up there. He wishes from his heart that his own descendants not be scorned in the same way, for the sake of the mermaid’s curse.

Occupation: Fisherman
Birthplace: Lonalulu Village
Height: 173 cm
Weight: 65 kg
Favorite food: Papaya
Prized possession: Straw hat
Preferred type: A good listener
Motto: Ignorance is bliss

Q: Do you have any hobbies?

Kai: I collect bottles from other countries. When I go fishing, sometimes they turn up in the net. I never get tired of seeing ones that aren’t like any we have in Lonalulu. Sorry, guess that ain’t much of a hobby.

Q: If you could speak with Kainoa, what would you say to him?

Kai: I got a lot I’d like to say to that guy, but if I were looking him straight in the eye, I wouldn’t be able to do. Tell him that my mom is well, talk about the weather. That’s probably it.

Kai’s grandfather, and the origin of the stories of mermaids. It’s due to him that Kai has been forced to live an outsider’s life since the day he was born. Naturally, that’s given Kai a strong dislike for anything to do with mermaids or his grandfather.

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