“Sage’s Resolution to Surpass Fate”

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Occupation: Older of twin sister sages
Age: Heh heh, that’s a SECRET!
Height: 110 cm
Weight: It’s rude to ask a lady!
Favorite food: Spicy foods
Prized possession: Flute received from the Elder
Preferred type: A GROWN-UP who doesn’t treat her like a child
Motto: Where there’s a will, there’s a way
What she wants to do when there’s peace: Become a magic teacher
Favorite thing about herself: Her signature braids
Stress relief: Shouting down Erik
Thing she wants most right now: Stylish shoes in a children’s size

“Veronica, sage of Arboria and mighty magician, can keep up with riff-raff like you any day!”
The younger of the two twins born in saintly Arboria, she together with her sister was born entrusted with a purpose, to protect the Luminary from harm. In order to fulfill her sacred duty, she has wisely trained from childhood to become the masterful mage she prides herself on being. She is strong for the sake of her weaker sister, and her abrasive manner of speaking betrays her kind heart, which she finds a bit embarrassing. Because of a vision from their elder, revealing the truth of the Luminary’s reappearance in this world, the twin sisters left their home behind and set out to guide the hero. On the long and difficult journey, mighty Veronica not only walks a step ahead of her younger sister, but will become a force to protect the Luminary and all of his comrades as well.

Q: What’s the most fun you’ve had traveling together with everyone?

Veronica: Wellll, since Serena and I traveled on our own so long, I’d say spending time camping with everybody is the most fun. Serena playing music on her harp, everybody listening along, I just like to watch it. We’ve all seen a lot of crazy, awful stuff on this journey, but somehow it’s the peaceful, easy, everyday moments like this I remember.

…Ugh, I bet that sounded way too serious.

Q: Have you discovered any benefits of being child-sized since being transformed?

Veronica: Being treated like a kid is a huuuge drag. But… I guess there are some benefits! I mean, for example, when I get tired from trying to keep up with everyone’s enormous footsteps, I can ask Hendrik for a piggyback ride. He’s so tall, you can get a good view from up there. I’ll never see the scenery like THAT again when I’m back to my old self. So, I think doing stuff like that is a benefit of being this size.

Q: Who’s the most dependable person in the party?

Veronica: Who’s the most dependable person? Sheesh, talk about a stupid question… Trying to rank this bunch is total nonsense!

Of course, you’ve got Rab, the walking dictionary, and even Erik is… I respect everybody in different ways. That’s how we’ve been able to persevere through this difficult journey. So I say, everyone’s the most dependable.

Q: If you could trade places with Serena for a day, how would you spend it?

Veronica: If I could become Serena, I’d want to use her power to help heal everyone. I always only use offensive magic, so maybe it’d be fun to try some of that supportive stuff for once. Besides that, hmmmm… Serena’s a sound sleeper, right? She’d never wake up if I didn’t drag her out of bed, so it’d be fun to try and set a new world record for longest sleep.

Q: Tell us what your favorite magic spells are.

Veronica: The ones I have the best memories of are fire spells. It still makes me happy thinking of the first ones I lit off when I was a kid. I lit the elder’s beard on fire once running around the village firing off Frizzes, and got a real lecture afterward.

…But, with his beard gone, the elder looked… oh, I know I shouldn’t say this, but he looked absolutely ridiculous! Ahahaha.

Elder of Arboria
The kindly old man Benedictus. His opulent beard was once burned off.

A can-can with alternating kicks, and turning around and shaking afterward! Sure to bring a smile to one’s face. Number one in cuteness… no, the only one around.

Veronica only has clothing that accentuates how adorable she looks as a child. Perhaps she can be excused for having fun with the cat costume and fairy outfits she wears; she is just a kid, after all.

“Feelings Usually Concealed”
When the party discovers Serena sleeping in the Cryptic Crypt, Veronica believes her to be dead and says sorrowfully, “Didn’t you promise me we’d always be together…” She pays no mind to what might happen to herself, but refuses to let any harm come to her little sister or her comrades. These feelings come to fruition later, as Veronica is able to make a weighty decision at Yggdrasil without regret or hesitation.

The Luminary
“A Reason She’s So Hard on Him?”
To uncover the truth of the Luminary’s reincarnation and seek him out is the reason Veronica and Serena set out on their travels. Upon meeting the Luminary, however, she gives him a chilly reception without betraying her purpose or expectations. Ordinarily you’d expect her to be elated, but instead… For the sake of her mission to protect the Luminary, Veronica holds herself to the highest standard, so she must be going to great efforts to do so. She’s hard on others, but not as hard as she is on herself. That’s just the sort of person she is.

Adult Form
“Does She Want to Have Her Old Body?”
Veronica has been returned by magic to a child’s body. She herself says, “I mean, you know what they say—you’re only young…twice!”, lightheartedly, but when she does briefly take on adult form again, she always has a grin on her face. No doubt she was truly quite shocked, but gave a glib response to appear strong and spare her sister from worry. But, Veronica’s never been one to do things the usual way. It’s quite possible she’s come to enjoy her new form.

Use of Force
“Veronica’s Last Resort?”
Veronica is clearheaded and quickwitted, and rapidly realizes the truth behind mysterious events; a great detective, one might say. And the great detective Veronica’s closing argument is typically… the use of force! When Krystalinda stands in front of Veronica impersonating Queen Frysabel, she whips off her scarf without hesitating! Accepting the failure of her disguise, Krystalinda returns to her true form. It’s precisely because of Veronica’s efficiency that she takes drastic measures when necessary.

“Is Veronica Threatening By Nature?” [tl. note: tsukkomi, i.e. tsukkomi/boke comedy]
When the Luminary makes choices after Veronica has joined the part, she frequently threatens him for his actions. The Luminary is always the one who gets to decide, but in a choice after Veronica joins the party, if the Luminary selects “no”, Veronica scolds him with “You heartless monster!” and makes as if to wallop him. Perhaps being around the airheaded Serena all the time has eroded Veronica’s patience for comic relief.


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