“A Vow and Regrets of Tragedy”

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Occupation: Martial artist
Age: “That’s a prized secret of Heliodor.”
Birthplace: Kingdom of Heliodor
Height: 165 cm
Weight: “Heh heh, I’ll leave that to your imagination.”
Favorite food: Sweets (just like her father), Heliodor cuisine (brings back memories)
Prized possession: Hairpins gathered on her travels
Preferred type: People like her father
Motto: Practice makes power
What she wants to do when there’s peace: Travel the world, just her and her father
Favorite thing about herself: Her black hair, just like her mother’s
Stress relief: Burning incense, repairing her claws
Thing she wants most right now: Sweets that won’t make her fat

“Yep! We’re all in this together!”
A beautiful martial artist, proficient with her feet. And in truth, the princess of the Kingdom of Heliodor. As a member of the party, she is a serious and sensible sisterly figure. At times, however, in things like her preference for love stories and sweets, for cute clothing, a side reflecting the adolescent girl she was can be glimpsed. Having learned the martial arts from her training with Rab, she fights splendidly with claw and spear, and additionally, with her charms. She deeply regrets her inability to protect the hero in her youth, and sets forth on her travels with him determined anew to protect him and her comrades.

Q: Ms. Jade, do you have any hobbies? Are there any you might take up when the world is at peace?

Jade: My hobby is cooking. All I know now is food you can make on the road, so I’d like to expand my repertoire, you know? Hobbies outside of cooking… I don’t know that I have any, but when the world’s at peace, I want to pick up a few. Traveling like this up till now, I’ve always had to prioritize things I needed to know, but doing things normal girls my age do would be nice, I think.

Q: What would you consider a fashion faux pas?

Jade: Mostly, when it’s time to buy clothes, I emphasize freedom of movement. Tight-fitting clothes are a pain when it’s time for a fight.

I guess you think I’m not interested in cute clothes, then, huh? Honestly, I do want to try wearing things like fluffy skirts and lacy dresses… I don’t know whether they would suit me, but when the world is at peace, I think that’ll be my next challenge.

Q: What’s part of your everyday routine?

Jade: I’m a martial artist, so I can’t skip my daily training. If I don’t get it done right, I feel pretty lackluster the whole day through. Lately, my favorite exercise is the handstand pushups they taught us at Angri-La. It’s efficient to build strength and balance at the same time, so I highly recommend it. Try it out if you get a chance.

Q: What’s the most fun you’ve had traveling with the party?

Jade: Traveling with so many people is really busy. We can take on mighty foes, and campsites are always alive with chatter. I… haven’t had a lot of friends up until now, so I feel like the thing I’ve enjoyed most is just spending time, together with everyone. So… I can’t choose which thing is best. Sorry I can’t give you an answer.

Q: Please, tell us something fun from your travels with Rab.

Jade: It’s been a long time since this happened, but when I first started traveling with Rab, he seemed like a very mysterious figure to me. But he was always kind to me, and thoughtful. Listening to my memories of my father, making those Dundrasil sandwiches he was always so proud of… it kept the spark of hope alive of me. Everything I am now, I owe to Rab… sorry, I get a little choked up thinking of it.

Travels Together With Rab
Due to the tragedy in Dundrasil, the lives of these two changed. They’re bound together in a special way.

A splendidly sexy dance that shows off her lively, long legs, and extended fingertips displaying her flexibility and beauty. From her come-hither looks to her coy winks, even her expression bears noticing.

With her long legs, Jade can show off any piece of clothing. As a woman expert in kick attacks, all those seemingly difficult-to-wear high, pointy heels do have a point.

“A Mutual Support”
The Princess of the Kingdom of Heliodor, and a knight protecting his kingdom. Jade seems to put a great deal of faith in Hendrik, who certainly possesses skill in combat, but above all acts to guard the lives of the royal family. When she joins Hendrik as a comrade, she offers up a rare joke, and is gentle with him as he apologizes for his prior rudeness. Always calm and collected, she appears to have a lot to say about Hendrik. She seems to care dearly for him, as someone she’s known from her youth and whose disposition she knows like family.

“Father and Child, Reunited After 16 Years”
A true reunion with the King of Heliodor, Jade’s father, will have to wait until true peace is restored to the world. Jade still maintains some reserve after the long separation from her father. To address the awkwardness, Jade says outright, “I wouldn’t change any of it. I wouldn’t change a single day.” Her companions have saved her from her continued regrets. And having been saved, this time she will extend her hand to her regretful father in much the same fashion.

“Two Trifled With By Fate”
Jade deeply misses Eleanor, so like a mother to her, and thinks of her son as a little brother. She regrets her inability to guard his tiny life, and resolved to grow stronger on her travels. As she finally finds what she was looking for amid a growing number of companions, together with the Luminary, she protects all that she loves. Just as the Luminary has a hero’s fate, it is surely fate that she was entrusted to guide and protect the Luminary on that fateful day.

True to Life
“Being Herself”
Even with the continued hardships of their journey, Jade can truly open her heart to her comrades. From her reaction to the romantic and heartbreaking love of Michelle, her earnest advocacy of the use of force, and despite her leaping off a cliff to save the Luminary, her coming clean about her dislike of heights… She frequently voices her regrets about how her journey began. We can see the honest and realistic side of this normally composed woman.


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