“A Girl Always Thinking of Her Childhood Friend”

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The Luminary’s childhood friend, born and raised in Cobblestone Village. A bright young soul, she frequently pokes her nose into his business like a sister. But from time to time, she shows another side. After she hears that her friend is the Luminary reincarnated, she’s unable to sleep. On meeting him that night, she weeps knowing they will be separated. The morning he sets out, Gemma gives him a charm bearing her thoughts of him. Beyond that, all she can do is continue to pray for his safety.

Occupation: Granddaughter of the Chief of Cobblestone Village
Age: 16
Birthplace: Cobblestone Village
Height: 155 cm
Weight: 45 kg
Favorite food: Pumpkin pie from Cobblestone pumpkins
Prized possession: Favorite headscarf
Preferred type: Someone who’s quiet, but kind and courageous
Motto: Even flowers have spirit

Q: What were you thinking about when you made the charm you gave to the Luminary as he set out that day?

Gemma: He set out so sudden, I was honestly terrified. I tried to think about something I could do in so short a time. Something to keep him safe, so he wouldn’t meet any scary monsters or be tricked by any wicked folk… And maybe just a little bit of love in that good-luck charm, too. Oh! That last bit was just a joke, okay?

Q: Is there anything you’re especially good at cooking?

Gemma: Humm, maybe I should say quiche made with veggies picked right in our village? Hee hee, I know. Truth is, lately Ms. Amber’s been teaching me the secret of how to make her special stew. Someday I’d like to make it for everyone and ask ’em all what they think ♪

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