“Cool & Passionate Ice Witch”

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Manipulating ice at will, Krystalinda is a witch with a fascinating figure. As she was sealed away in a book for a very long time, she is bound and determined to make her escape. She struggles mightily to carry out the instructions of Jasper, who freed her from her prison. And when that favor is repaid, she shows a sympathetic side by lending Frysabel a willing ear and some wise advice. Romance runs through her veins, and she loves to return flowery words of her own to a flowery confession, but while she enjoys romance, she also has a side that simply loves interacting with and being around people.

Occupation: Ice witch
Birthplace: An ancient nation
Height: 170 cm
Weight: “Ask another impertinent question and I’ll freeze you where you stand.”
Favorite food: Sniflheim sake
Preferred type: The type of person whom I prefer ♥
Motto: Men have guts; women do too [tl. note: “men have guts, women are charming” is a Japanese proverb]

Q: Tell us about the hottest romance you’ve ever seen.

Krystalinda: What’s the hottest romance? I can’t decide, all of them, all of them! From my fiery first love to the time I got sealed up in that magic book and had an affair there… every love I’ve ever had has set my heart ablaze. But honestly, now that you asked, I’m not in the mood to love again right now. This time around, I’m focused on finding a royal match for Frysabel!

Q: What does Frysabel mean to you?

Krystalinda: It started out by my giving her a few words of advice, but… the more I heard her talk, the more emotional I started to feel. Couldn’t stop thinking, I’ll try my damnedest to make sure she becomes a good queen. Perhaps, it’s the sort of feeling you have toward the little sister you’re looking after. Though I guess if we’re to be sisters, I’m older by a millennium!

She was rescued by the Queen of Sniflheim, Frysabel; along with saving her life, Frysabel has changed it. Krystalinda has advised the queen on the heavy responsibilities she bears as a ruler, and as a result, they’ve developed a friendship. Although she teases her for her credulous nature, she seems quite attached to the kindhearted woman.

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