“Youth Traveling in Search of Atonement”

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Occupation: Thief
Age: 19
Birthplace: Exact birth unknown. At a young age, lost in the Sniflheim region and picked up by Vikings.
Height: 165 cm
Weight: 55 kg
Favorite food: Wild traveler’s stew
Preferred type: Not worth mentioning/nothing special
Motto: Tomorrow is another day
Daily routine: Sharpening his favorite knife, maintaining his thievery tools
Favorite thing about himself: His blue, spiky hair
Stress relief: Exercising to work up a sweat
Thing he wants most right now: Treasure map left behind by a legendary pirate

“The name’s Erik, by the way.”
Living the life of a thief until meeting the Luminary, he may have a rough way of speaking, but he proves a reliable, courageous, and positive presence. Up on the news everywhere and full of useful adventuring knowledge and an adroit fighter with knives and boomerangs. He possesses a strong sense of duty, and is courteous to the Luminary, his partner whom fate has chosen him to assist. And when the Luminary or his comrades are looking downcast, he won’t hesitate to cheer them on or brighten their spirits. Erik has a little sister named Mia, more precious to him than any treasure. It is his strength and kindness toward the hidden Mia, and his regrets, that guide Erik on the great adventure awaiting him.

Q: What’s your secret for keeping your hair so spiky, any time, any place?

Erik: Uh, I wouldn’t go so far as to call it a secret or anything, but I’ve got a habit of running both hands through it. Like, when I’m feeling excited. I did it just now. That’s all I’ve got.

…Anyways, I really like my hair this way. Even when I run, it doesn’t get in my eyes, and it’s the same color as my little sis.

Q: Are you a skilled cook? Do you ever make anything from your days with the Vikings at the cooksites?

Erik: Nothing to brag about, but it’s a survival skill, so I’m one of the better ones we’ve got in the party. I haven’t got a clue how to make anything fancy, but if it’s something you can make camping, I can probably get it done!

…When I was with the Vikings, I had to slave away and do all their cooking for them. Now that I’m really living, thinking about it just puts me in a weird mood.

Q: When the world is at peace, where do you want to take your little sister Mia?

Erik: Poor kid is still hanging out alone in Sniflheim. I want to travel the whole world with her, show her how big it is, tell her all about it. After that, hmmm… I’ll bring her to the Academy, so she can study like I never did. I want her to be out making friends her own age.

Although… I dunno, my sis might hate anything like school.

Q: What’s your favorite place in all of Erdrea?

Erik: I’ve traveled the whole world, so asking where I liked best is a tough question to answer… but, I can tell you the place I’m always gonna have burned into my brain. That’s the cliff near Heliodor, where I believed in the power of the Luminary and took a leap of faith with my partner!

Q: Do you have any other candidates for a partner among the party besides the Luminary?

Erik: Anybody else who could be my partner besides him…? That’s a tough one. I mean, it means someone who gives you strength, somebody you can combine with, just the two of you, for a pep powers. Ummm… not Veronica, Serena’s not gonna work either. Maybe Sylvando, there must be one… Hey, are you kidding me?! Is there really nobody else I can use a pep power with?!

At Camp…
Outside of cooking meals, Erik carefully sharpens his favorite knives for combat.

Erik can’t turn off his natural grace, and so naturally, he has a snappy, attractive dance. A step, a turn, and moonwalking?! All hail the “King of Pop”!

Between his wiry, muscular frame and determined features, the highly exposed and somewhat ferocious outfits seem to suit Erik well. But, Erik himself doesn’t seem much interested in looking sharp.

“Most Beloved Treasure He Can’t Let Go Of”
Erik’s clearly a brotherly kind of guy, so as you’d expect, he does have a sister, a young girl named Mia. Since their parents weren’t around, Erik stepped in, scolding Mia just like a father, giving loving hugs and shouldering all the burden like a mother. So Mia can do whatever she wants to, Erik says he wants to bring her to school and scrub away memories he’s ashamed of. The face he shows his comrades has changed again, this time to that of an older brother thinking of his little sister.

The Luminary
“Partner Encountered By Chance”
The older Erik is a guide who leads the Luminary. The two came together thanks to some sound advice, but the way they work together, it feels more like an inevitability. After Erik has spent some time with the Luminary, he gradually stops calling him that. Maybe it’s that he’s just a bit taken with him? He puts his utmost faith in him and his life on the line without hesitation. There’s no rhyme or reason to it, the two of them are just natural-born partners.

“Hearthrob for the Ladies?!”
Start with his flawless good looks to his toned body and beautiful sky-blue hair. Then, add his personality. It’s no wonder women are drawn to this perfect guy. (Although his female companions don’t seem too interested…) Even when the world is in crisis, he’s still getting love letters. But Erik doesn’t seem much interested in love or marriage. He just seems happy for now traveling with his partner. Such a cruel man. That’s how it goes sometimes.

“Even Though He’s Lost His Memory”
Erik is a kindhearted, earnest, yet masculine guy. But after the fall of Yggdrasil, he experiences a change. Having lost his memories, he becomes almost cowardly, and changes into a broken, weak young man. And yet, some things never change. The Luminary… and his fate to journey with his partner. Even when he’s lost who he is and can’t remember his own name, he still happens to find his way aboard the boat the Luminary is riding on? It gives a feeling of the strength of the fate the two share.

Two People “Close Enough to Fight”
Veronica and Erik are forceful personalities. It’s not an average, peaceful day without the two of them bickering back and forth over something. Erik calls Veronica “short stuff”, Veronica calls Erik “idiotic”. They seem as easily offended as children by each other, but clearly they’re more alike than different. Sure, Erik only seems to get riled up by Veronica that way, but maybe it’s just proof they have the sort of bond of affection that doesn’t need proving by words or deeds.


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