“Once a Wise Ruler, Lamenting His Lost Kingdom”

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Occupation: Former ruler of Dundrasil
Age: 70
Birthplace: Kingdom of Dundrasil
Height: 130 cm
Weight: 70 kg
Favorite food: Dundrasil sandwiches
Prized possession: Ogler’s Digest
Preferred type: People who are generous, like his late wife
Motto: Old, but spry
Daily routine: Preserve Pang’s teachings, do not slacken in training
Favorite thing about himself: His thick white mustache
Stress relief: Singing songs
Thing he wants most right now: First, out-of-print issue of the Ogler’s Digest

“Alright, laddie. Show us what ye’ve got…”
To achieve a certain objective, Rab and Jade travel the world over together. His true identity is the former king of Dundrasil. Well-known for his sagacity as a ruler, he is able to use offensive, healing, and variety of support spells. Despite his appearance, he is also skilled in hand-to-hand combat; a warrior and a scholar. Between his hidden stash of lurid magazines and the childlike demeanor he adopts when faced with his old master, he is less an imposing presence and more a charming old man. Possessed of deep affection for his daughter and grandchild, he was happy to enter retirement among the people of his kingdom as the kindly old former ruler.

Q: What is your favorite pep power, and ability?

Rab: Frankly, it’s Rush of Blood! You all know this, but that’s one I have with Jade. I’d had the idea for a while now, but well, it’s a difficult, refined art. It took Jade quite a lot of trouble to understand it. The first time I mentioned it, she gave me a Vacuum Smash to the face… ho ho ho!

Q: What is your favorite place in Erdrea?

Rab: Naturally, it’s the ruins of Dundrasil. The glory of the past has faded like dew on leaves, leaving not a shadow to be seen… but the countless memories I have of that place are my greatest treasures. There are sad ones, too, but it’s still the most precious place in the world to me. Someday, when the world returns to peace, my grandson and I are going to do our best to rebuild it!

Q: Do you have any secrets that no one knows about?

Rab: I’ve always had a reputation as a straight shooter with nothing to hide. So I’m relieved to say I don’t!

Q: Hm, something seems to have fallen from your pack. What is this… the “Ogler’s Digest”?

Rab: Whaaaaa?! What is that?! You… that won’t do, don’t look at it!

Q: Th… this is the legendary lost edition of the Ogler’s Digest! Please, you must tell us the best part! And any other magazines for gentlemen you would recommend!

Rab: Eh? The best thing about the Ogler’s Digest? It’s that kind of answer that had me known as Wise King Robert in the old days, let me tell you… oh, I’ve got it! The best thing is that reading this fills you to the brim, with more energy than three square meals would’ve done. It’s no exaggeration to say that the Ogler’s Digest is the secret to staying spry in your old age. As for recommendations, I think we’re out of time! You’ll have to search on your own!

Q: Since you’ve traveled all over Erdrea, could you tell us who the three most beautiful women in Erdrea are?

Rab: Hmmm… you know, there’re a lot of lovely ladies in Erdrea. It’s hard to pick three, but if I had to choose, I’d say Grand Master Pang, Queen Marina, and my own dearly departed wife. I love a strong-willed lady who can give a good scolding when the time comes for it. Jade is certainly a beauty herself, but if you ask me, still a wee bit young. But she’ll only get lovelier from here on out! Whahaha!

Ogler’s Digest
The fabled edition labeled best of all the countless issues. Seems to have been borrowed from the Royal Library.

Rab has a simple jig, similar to a Japanese Obon dance. Moving his body from right to left, he’s giving his body over to that taiko rhythm!

Rab, well accustomed to traveling, has a regular outfit styled after a merchant. But as soon as he puts on a robe, wouldn’t you say he quickly acquires the royal presence you’d expect from the past king of Dundrasil?

Grand Master Pang
“Once the Teacher, Always the Pupil”
All the sons of the royal family of Dundrasil are said to have been sent to Angri-La to undergo six years of instruction and training. Rab was no exception and studied there under Grand Master Pang. Though the years have passed and he has become and retired from his kingdom’s throne, he still bows his head to his old teacher. Pang, too, seems to view him as a cute and impressionable student. From the intensity we see Rab displaying while training before his old master, despite the ascerbic scoldings she delivers, the strength of their bond is evident.

Beloved Grandson
“Best Beloved Grandson, Called the Luminary”
Rab has only drawn breath the last sixteen years in order to discover the truth of what happened that night, when he lost his family. His many visits to their graves have only deepened his affection for his lost family, but his prayers have been answered by the appearance of his lost grandson. When addressing his grandson the Luminary, Rab’s words and expression are always filled with tenderness. He is at heart a grandfather who loves his grandson. Though the road that took them here was not without pain, it isn’t any less adorable for it.

Old But Spry
“The Secret to Youth Is Always at Hand”
Rab’s motto is contained in the name of one of his pep powers with Jade, roughly meaning “old but spry” (tl. note, renamed “Rush of Blood” for English version). He may appear to be an old man, but thanks to the pack on his back he’s lugged across Erdrea, his proficiency in martial arts and magic is as sharp as ever. In this pep power, with the help of Jade, he recovers the strength of his youth and become superpowered. Another such empowered denizen of Erdrea is the eternally youthful Grand Master Pang. Perhaps risque magazines are her secret remedy as well?

The Lost Kingdom of Dundrasil
“A Kingdom Ruled and Loved”
When Rab was its ruler, Dundrasil was one of the foremost kingdoms in Erdrea. Sixteen years ago, after the throne had passed to his son-in-law Irwin, Rab was enjoying the carefree retired life. He could not have imagined at that time that his kingdom would be destroyed in one night. Even now, nothing remains there but the ruins of the old castle. Regret, reproach, suffering, nostalgia… what emotions does Rab feel when he makes his visits to those ruins?

“Sixteen Years on the Road with a Young Princess”
Following the tragedy at Dundrasil, Rab somehow lived on and began his travels with young Princess Jade, who had also survived. As Jade was the Princess of Heliodor, Rab brought her along with him in order to investigate her father’s dramatic change of heart. And then, many years passed, did they not? The young princess grew into a very beautiful young woman. And a remarkably adept martial artist, too, thanks to Rab. After looking after her for so many long years, you could say Rab is a surrogate parent to Jade.


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