The Luminary

“Hope of the World, Called Darkspawn”

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Occupation: Luminary
Birthplace: Kingdom of Dundrasil
Height: 170 cm
Weight: 60 kg
Favorite food: Stew made by Amber
Prized possessions: Things put into the “Important Items” category
Preferred type: (Left to your imagination)
Motto: Fair and square
Daily routine: Writing in his adventurer’s log
Fashion faux pas: Bag for gathering items

A lad with a clear gaze and silky hair, raised by the mild-mannered folk of Cobblestone Village. Little moved by great events and not prone to much change in expression, his softly smiling face has a mysterious and peaceful air about it. But when the time comes to face detestable evil, his expression can become severe and formidable. As his journey to fulfill his hero’s destiny begins, he is tagged with the name of “Darkspawn” and suffers cruelties. But with a strong and unshakeable will, and the timely assistance of his comrades and friends, he guides the way to a hopeful future.

Q: What do you do to maintain such silky hair over such a tumultuous adventure?

Erik: Ugh, whatever he does to keep his hair so nice, I haven’t seen it.  However it gets messed up, it goes back to place in a sec whenever there’s a hair out of place. Having hair that long look that good without any work is the real power of the Luminary. I mean, if I grew my hair out that long, I’d be lucky to look like the Abominable Showman… wait, should I be saying that?

Q: Please tell us your favorite ability or pep power the Luminary can use, and the reason it is your favorite.

Erik: Yeah, one thing I remember is the first time he learned Flame Slash. His sword burst into flames and he came over to show me, just thrilled, I’m seeing it right now. Is it weird, for such a legendary guy to have innocent moments like that?

Q: Who does he consult first in the party about important matters?

Erik: That’s kind of a tricky question to answer… I mean, I’m not saying this to puff myself up, I know I’m nothing special. But I guess it’d have to be me.

Q: What kind of games did he like to play as a child?

Dunstan: He’s grown into an excellent young man now, but as a child, he was still a mischievous lad. He drew graffiti in the middle of the village and other such pranks. In fact, now that you mention it, he once scribbled all over my prized secret joke book. And if I do say so myself, there were some excellent ones in there. I’m sure he was puzzled why I got so darn angry about it.

Q: Do you have any memories of him and Chalky?

Amber: Oh, he was a grandpa’s boy from the very start. Back when his grandpa was still alive and well… he and Gemma would stick to him wherever he went in the village. He’d go fishing, and they’d go play in the river.

Q: Please, tell us his favorite place in Erdrea.

Gemma: He loves adventuring, and since he’s so nice, he’s told me all about people and places all over Erdrea. But… out of all of them, he seems to have a lot of memories related to where he was born, the Kingdom of Dundrasil. Like you’d expect. …But, also, whenever he comes home to Cobblestone, this soft, peaceful smile comes over his face. Tee hee, as a childhood friend of his, it makes me a bit happy to see.

The Luminary’s Early Childhood
When there was trouble, the young hero often relied on Chalky. Chalky was always glad to offer his advice.

Stylish no matter what he’s wearing, the Luminary can look surprisingly imposing despite his slight build. Whether it’s leather or metal, anything high-class suits him well.

Generates a calm and peaceful atmosphere. While simple, it is a dance of deep significance. When he wears the Mardi Garb, if you look closely, you can see him dancing as he surveys the field ahead.

Royal Blood
“A Hidden Royal Bloodline”
Though born a prince, he was raised from his youth in the village of Cobblestone. In short, he had no chance to form memories of his royal family. But in spite of that, his posture is regal, his hair grows longer and remains silky without any care. In a pep power, he performs an elegant dance with Princess Jade. The poise of his performance scarcely matches his humble upbringing, and where it could have come from is a mystery. Is it evidence of his bloodline?

“Partners in Fate”
Erik is the one who calls him partner, and the person he has faith in to go to first whenever something happens. After his bitter experience visiting Heliodor Castle as his grandfather directed him, meeting Erik in his moment of distress must have been a great hope to him. Even though they’d only just met, he had faith in Erik to leap into the water with him to escape danger; is it because he felt something special about him already? If so, then the Luminary is certainly a fine judge of character.

Somewhere along their long, strange journey, the Hero may have the opportunity to propose to one of his companions. If it happens, check and see each of your comrades to see the following responses.

[See 2D Content NPC Text for proposals.]


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