“Shield of Loyalty, Sword Guarding His Master”

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Occupation: General of the Kingdom of Heliodor
Age: 36
Birthplace: Kingdom of Zwaardsrust
Height: 200 cm
Weight: 95 kg
Favorite food: Any kind of mushroom
Prized possessions: The Shield of Heliodor, pendant of his oath
Preferred type: A lovely person with a calm, smiling face (buxom is a plus)
Motto: Silent and immovable
Daily routine: Training, walking with Obsidian
Favorite thing about himself: Beard (grown in imitation of the King of Heliodor)
Stress relief: Reading
Thing he wants most right now: A new whetstone

“General of Heliodor, A Rude Entrance!”
General of Heliodor, lauded for his feats of prowess on countless battlefields, astride his favored jet-black steed Obsidian. Possesses a kind and honest character, one leading others around him to give him their trust. A fearsome swordsman, worth a thousand men, and aside from one and two-handed swords, proficient even with heavy axes. Due to his fervent loyalty to the one he believed to be his king, he obstinately pursued the Luminary, believing orders naming him the “Darkspawn”. When his doubts about the Luminary are resolved, his loyalty makes him a tremendous shield to protect the hero, and resolved to defend him at any cost to expiate his acts.

Q: Among the party, if you had to tell someone a secret you’ve never told anyone, who would it be?

Hendrik: To whom would I reveal a secret that I have never before told another soul…? Hmmm… Should such a thing be revealed to the Princess, the consequences… Wait, pray do not take that as my final answer. I was merely thinking to myself.

Hmmm… perhaps, Norberto? But, to expose a weakness to that man would also be…

I apologize for the delay in answering. If I were to reveal such a secret, it would be to the Luminary, to whom I have pledged my life as a shield. When I feel his clear gaze upon me, I feel a strange frankness come upon me. In fact, I have readily discoursed with him thus far on even such matters as my dislike of insects.

Q: Please, tell us your favorite and least favorite things about Jasper.

Hendrik: His capacity to think ahead, and execute proactively, is something I cannot imitate, and a quality I most admire in him. As for what I dislike… there are many aspects of his character it would be best for him to mend. For example, the vulgarity of his speech. It has been present since his childhood, but his calling those he disfavors “street rats” does not sit well with me.

Q: What are your thoughts about Princess Jade?

Hendrik: Strong! Sublime! Beautiful! Princess of our Heliodor… nay! The dear Princess of the world entire! It is true that she has some qualities too tomboyish about her, which have been some trial to me in the course of our travels together.

…Er, please do not relay these words to Her Highness, as I would prefer not to be sent flying by a roundhouse kick.

Q: If you were to lead something other than a knight’s life, is there something else you’d like to do?

Hendrik: Hm… something other than the life of a knight? I simply cannot imagine it. But when the world has returned to peace, and the day comes when my sword is of no further avail, I might try leaving the castle and settling in a quiet village. Perhaps raising a field of golden wheat. Such a sight always reminds me of my birthplace.

Q: Do you drink alcohol? What happens when you do?

Hendrik: As soon as I drink, I rapidly become drowsy. Thus, when compelled to participate in such banquets as a general, I summon my fighting spirit and challenge myself not to fall asleep. That reminds me; Jasper is an unexpectedly poor drinker. After having had a great deal, gone past recollection, a wine cork in his nose… Oh dear, this is regrettable. He had me swear to him never to speak of the matter to anyone.

Q: What is that Zwaardsrustian dance?

Hendrik: It is a dance of my birthplace, the Kingdom of Zwaardsrust, traditionally danced at festivals. I can still recall the splendor of the dances my father brought me along to when I was but a child. As the choreography for festivals differed, several varieties existed, but the dance my father taught me is the dance I enjoy and the only one I dance.

Motherland’s Zwaardsrust Ondo
Hendrik seems oddly proud to talk about this dance from the now-lost Kingdom of Zwaardsrust.

The traditional dance of his homeland, “Zwaardsrust Ondo”. Resembles the Tankou Bushi, with its movements demonstrating a peaceful heart. As the dance brings back memories of his hometown, his expressions are lively as well.

Hendrik’s Heliodorian armor was designed principally by Jasper. Due to a temperament unsuited to following fashion, he spends the better part of the summer in boxer shorts.

“Closely-Linked Comrade”
With the aim of becoming the first knight of the kingdom, Hendrik’s sworn friend Jasper carefully cultivated his studies. While Hendrik made a name for himself as a warrior by his strength, Jasper used hard-won knowledge. Perceived to be two knights of exceptional abilities, the two came to be known as “the two-headed eagle” due to their talents. Due to his resourcefulness and popularity with the ladies, Hendrik was proud, perhaps even envious, of Jasper.

“From Enemy to be Defeated to One to be Protected”
Hendrik initially bore the Luminary enmity, thinking him the Darkspawn who would bring disaster. After the change of the world and their fight to defend the Last Bastion, he resolved to become a shield to protect the Luminary. Rather than the absolute fealty he had borne the King of Heliodor, he found in the Luminary not just a liege, but a new comrade. Traveling together with our hero seems to have suddenly brought out a new kindness in Hendrik.

“Loyal to a Fault”
As far as Hendrik is concerned, Jade is Her Royal Highness, to be protected. When they were children, they got along like siblings, and when Jade would cry after being scolded by the King, Hendrik would even give her hugs. Even with his bewilderment at seeing Jade again after sixteen years at the side of the Luminary, his devotion erupts after they become comrades. Scolding her for her “shameful” appearance as a bunny girl, he seems to be a bit troubled by overheated thoughts regarding Jade.

“Old Pal Who Knows His Embarrassing Past”
Sylvando is an old friend who studied the way of the knight from Don Rodrigo with Hendrik. Imagining Sylvando to have become a splendid knight, the realization that he had instead become a traveling entertainer strikes Hendrik like lightning in a dramatic reaction. Whether the subject is Hendrik’s past sobbing from homesickness, or embarrassing moments from his past he does not want anyone to know about, Sylvando never lets him forget about it.

The Truth
“Doggedly Guarding a Heroic Reputation”
One of Hendrik’s more charming qualities is the unexpected frankness he shows at times on the adventure. Things like his dad joke (“It feels like my axe could melt. And that would be a terrible…axe-ident”), his apparent allergy to cats, and unexpectedly given his serious, heroic demeanour, a side of him common to just about any man of a certain age. In particular, he has a profound knowledge of lurid magazines, and a deep interest in puff-puff. In contrast to his magnificent heroism, he seems to be a somewhat sullen sort of person.


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