“Pure Tears of a Determined Girl”

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Occupation: Lackey to the Vikings
Birthplace: Exact birth unknown. At a young age, lost in the Sniflheim region and picked up by Vikings.
Height: 145 cm
Weight: 37 kg
Favorite food: Something with meat and fish Erik made
Prized possession: The coin she polishes every day
Preferred type: “Huh? You mean, like, in love? I don’t care about that, it’s not gonna make me any money!”
Motto: There are some things money can’t buy, but not many!

“Heh heh… Forget a pile—I’m not gonna stop till I’ve got myself a mountain!”
A naive, brightly smiling young girl, who spent her childhood along with her brother, taken by the Vikings. Living her days in squalor, she wished above all else for wealth and treasure. Only money could get her away from the life she led. And when she got that treasure, everything changed. She must have been very happy. Just as she wished, she could turn anything to gold with a touch. But that brightly shining power brought not happiness, but only despair; not for the one who was ruined, but for her brother, who rued his hesitation.

Q: If someone in the party could be your big sister, who would you pick?

Mia: She wears a red outfit, the lil’ kid… what’s her name, Veronica? Somehow, I think the two of us would get along just fine. I dunno if it’d suit Erik, but I bet it’d be fun teasing him all the time together… heh heh heh o/~

Q: What’s a secret about Erik only you know?

Mia: You wouldn’t know it from looking at him, but my brother’s got a weirdly sensitive side. I remember once, a long time ago in our hole away from the wind, we were sleeping together and looking up at the stars in the sky. He’d tell me all about them as we counted. Ugh, telling you about it now, it sounds embarrassing and weird! But, I mean, it wasn’t such a bad time, I guess.

“Badmouthed but Beloved!”
Mia uses the pronoun “ore” to refer to herself, and has a laugh that sounds like “ishishi”. And she mercilessly rags on her older brother Erik… but do a few of her words and deeds betray the love she truly holds for Erik, her only blood relative, hidden though it may be? She certainly doesn’t praise him, or speak sweetly about him. Maybe when she really feels like being nice, she calls him “big bro” instead of “brother”.

“Something She Loves For Her Brother’s Sake?”
Mia certainly loves gold, enough to make a hobby out of polishing coins. Erik seems fed up with his sister who never talks about anything but money, money, money. But surely there’s a reason she’s become so attached to money. It must be that although she sounds very selfish, she really wants to find happiness for herself and her brother and an escape from their hardships. To leave the Vikings, and live in happiness together; that’s probably Mia’s biggest dream.


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