“Shining Sun to Illuminate His Comrades”

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Occupation: Traveling entertainer
Age: “It’s a secret ♪”
Height: 185 cm
Weight: “Oh, it’s rude even to ask.”
Favorite food: Fresh fish prepared Puerto-style
Prized possession: Recorder (the first thing he bought as a traveling entertainer, and treasured ever since)
Preferred type: People who persevere
Motto: Laugh, and the world laughs with you
Daily routine: Stretch before bed
Favorite thing about himself: His neat eyebrows
Stress relief: Good food and booze
Thing he wants most right now: A new recorder

“This was my calling—to make the whole world happy! I would be a knight in smiling armour!”
A traveling entertainer joining the soul of a knight with a feminine heart. He is a mysterious man, capable of superlative swordsplay and horsemanship while still putting on a performance. At first glance, one may think him simply unserious and apt to do as he pleases, but the truth is that he is kind to the core with an unshakeable sense of justice. Whatever harsh trials the party faces on their adventure, Sylvando always looks to the future and cheers on his companions, lightening the mood by his presence. He seldom if ever speaks about his true origins, concealing the truth due to a rift between himself and his father. Sylvando is his stage name as an entertainer, but it is not the name his parents gave him.

Q: If one of your party members were to put on a show of some sort, who should perform and what should they do?

Sylvando: Ooh, if there’s anyone I’ve wanted to perform together with forever, it’s got to be Hendrik. Okay, so first, we put him on a horse, and from horseback, he’s going to fling a huge hammer, straight for the audience. Then I give it a little crack with my whip, and it turns into a big teddy bear! Doesn’t that sound like sooo much fun o/~

Q: Tell us your favorite place in Erdrea.

Sylvando: Of all the places I’ve been up till now, Puerto Valor, of course! I mean, it was when I was young there that my life changed forever. When I saw that circus show come to town, my heart just about stopped… And besides that, I’ve got all kinds of other memories about the place, it’s a special city.

Q: Tell us your favorite pep power and ability.

Sylvando: Ooh, my favorite pep power is Electro Light! I think it’s just wonderful. A show is just the thing to make my heart skip a beat. And doesn’t it change the monsters into metal monsters? There are times that it fails, sure, but it adds suspense! That’s what’s so exciting ♪

As for abilities, I’m a nice juggler, so I’ll go with Have A Ball ♪

Q: When the world is at peace, is there anything you’d like to try doing?

Sylvando: I want to try a show that shows off all the specialties of the towns and cities I’ve visited across Erdrea, darling! For example, doesn’t Lonalulu have some lovely pearls? How about a giant clamshell that opens to the beat, and I jump out saying “the Great Sylvando says hello!” in a pearl-colored costume?! Doesn’t that sound fabulous?

Or, or, how about Hotto. Start out with a giant stick, burning at both ends, spinning around! Then, for the finale, as I shout out, Mt. Fuji erupts!! I think that’d be the most exciting thing… or am I overdoing it a teensy bit?

Q: Tell us a story from your days training with Hendrik!

Sylvando: The impressive thing is, Hendrik trained a lot by himself. I couldn’t just stand there and watch, so I’d always try to tell him how to do it, but poor Hendrik just couldn’t do it they way I showed him. But one day in a training drill, there was this time I parried his sword, and the weight knocked me flat on my bottom! I thought to myself, nobody else can swing a sword like that. If you ever find anyone who can, you let me know, honey.

Electro Light
Sylvando’s eyes light up like a child’s with delight when he sees the monsters change for this pep power.

Sylvando has a top-notch dance showing off his long limbs to full advantage. In terms of dancing ability, he’s easily first or second among the party. Pay close attention to his rapid changes of expression as he moves.

Sylvando wears all of the flashiest, gaudiest clothing, all unique designs. Perhaps the truth is that even the clothes he wears are put to work toward the grand design of making people smile, wherever he goes…?!

“Fellow Trainee”
When they were training under Don Rodrigo to become knights, the two spent many days practicing together. In contrast to the skillful Sylvando, Hendrik was clumsy and had difficulty in training, always a step behind those around him. But in a training exercise, he was able to defeat Sylvando’s pretty swordplay through his strength (see page 44). Sylvando seems to have realized his true strength at that time and given Hendrik his due respect.

The Luminary
“Pursuing the Same Goal Like A Brother”
As an itinerant entertainer who’s left his hometown, Sylvando encounters the Luminary by chance in the city of Gallopolis during his travels. Like a caring older sibling, he takes the Luminary under his wing and gives him his assistance, even while he is being pursued as the Darkspawn and faced with a variety of trials. Not only that, but by lending a sympathetic ear and some heroic advice, Sylvando seems to be a great support emotionally to the Luminary as well.

Prince Faris
“Partially Pusillanimous Prince”
Perhaps because of their shared family history and expectations of knighthood, Sylvando seems to take an interest straightaway in Prince Faris upon arriving in Gallopolis. Seeing Prince Faris crushed under the expectations of his kingdom’s people, Sylvando offers some words of tough love to give him courage. Faris seems to have, in some small measure, the soul of a knight. And the next time he meets with Sylvando, he seems to have matured as a knight. Just a little.

Soldiers of Smile
“Fantastic Friends to Travel With”
After the fall of the World Tree, Sylvando isn’t simply a one-man parade, but gets by with a little help from his friends. Seeming to adore Sylvando to a man, they’re ready to cheer themselves hoarse at the least encouragement. It’s an awful shock to them when Sylvando announces he’s leaving the parade, but even their innocent tears seem to bolster his spirits. The sight of them dancing along under his command is enough to bring smiles even to a ruined world.

“Sylv’s Capable Quartermaster”
Dave used to roam the high seas like a pirate, but meeting Sylvando seems to have been the start of a new life for him. He certainly seems to be enchanted by Sylvando, and puts great faith in him as a bright sun for all around to see. Dave isn’t his real name; when he parted from the ship he sailed on before meeting Sylvando, he took his pet name for that boat’s figurehead on as his very own.


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